Washington ‘Sits Shiva’ for the 2-State Solution

Israeli PM Netanyahu’s dismissal of the two-state solution in the last days of the election campaign in Israel is having a huge and beneficial effect on the discussion of the conflict inside the United States. Yesterday President Obama leaped on the PM’s comments at a press conference, stating severely that the two-state solution is not going to happen in the next “several” years, and we have to deal with that reality, and no one’s going to get anywhere by singing “kumbaya.”

Obama seems to be doing what many on the US left are doing: preparing Americans to think about what one state looks like.

But Obama’s open reassessment of the relationship is panicking the U.S. establishment. He is getting pushback from odd places. The New York Times has a somewhat-condescending piece out of Jerusalem warning Obama that he is speaking disrespectfully to Israeli voters (the Jews anyway) and unnecessarily aggravating the tensions between the countries. While last night on MSNBC“No two-state solution for next several years?”--Bob Woodward and Ron Fournier of National Journal both urged Obama to be a big boy and make up with Israel, because Israel needs us and the U.S. needs Israel (we need to be allied with a “democracy” in the Middle East, Woodward said). Chris Matthews wondered why Obama is doubling down.

Here is a roundup of official statements and comments about the crisis of the two-state solution.

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