We are Ready to Confront US-Led Coalition in Red Sea – Yemen’s Ansarallah

Mohammed Al-Bukhaiti, a member of the Yemen's Ansarallah politburo. (Photo: video grab, via Al-Mayadeen)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Mohammed Al-Bukhaiti, a member of the Ansarallah politburo, said on Monday that his group will be able to confront any coalition formed by the United States that could deploy to the Red Sea.

“Even if America succeeds in mobilizing the entire world, our military operations will not stop, no matter the sacrifices it costs us,” al-Bukhaiti said on the social media platform X.

Al-Bukhaiti added that the group would only halt its attacks if Israel’s “crimes in Gaza stop and food, medicines and fuel are allowed to reach its besieged population”.

Al-Bukhaiti’s statement came after US Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin, announced the formation of an international coalition during a joint press conference with his Israeli counterpart, earlier on Monday.

Companies Suspend Transit through Red Sea as Yemen’s Ansarallah Attack Two More Ships

“We are taking action to build an international coalition. This is not just a US problem, it’s an international problem,” Austin said. 

In an interview with Al-Jazeera, Al-Bukhaiti also said that the Ansarallah group “categorically rejected” an offer by the United States for lasting peace in Yemen in exchange for a halt to military operations in the Red Sea. 

Houthi official al-Bukhaiti also told Al Jazeera that the US offered not to obstruct efforts toward a lasting peace in Yemen, in exchange for Houthis halting their military operations in the Red Sea

“There is indirect contact from countries, including the US, to stop our operations,” al-Bukhaiti said, adding the group “categorically reject this.” 

Hezbollah Vows to Respond to Israel’s Targeting of Civilians amid Tel Aviv’s Threats

British oil giant BP is the latest company to announce a suspension of its vessels’ transit through the Red Sea.

“In light of the deteriorating security situation for shipping in the Red Sea, BP has decided to temporarily pause all transits through the Red Sea,” the company said in a statement.

BP’s decision follows that of some of the world’s largest shipping companies, including the Taiwanese Evergreen, the Italian-Swiss Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), the Danish giant Maersk, and the German company, Hapag-Lloyd.

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  1. Ansarallah could take the case to the ICJ, pointing out that they are trying to halt a genocide in Gaza. If fact, Ansarallah should take the case to the ICJ, quoting the Bosnia and Herzegovina case, and for good measure quoting every relevant bit of detail from the NATO nations during that tragic set of wars and crimes against humanity. It’d be fun to throw the US statements on halting genocide, in their face.

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