‘Welcome and Greetings’ – Nasrallah Belittles Israeli Threats, Vows ‘War without Boundaries’

Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah. (Photo: Supplied)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

‘Israeli is drowning’, yet ‘we are being threatened with defeated Israeli forces,’ so, ‘welcome and greetings,’ the Hezbollah leader said in a speech on Sunday. 

On the one-week anniversary of the ‘martyrdom of commander Wissam Tawil’, the leader of the Lebanese Resistance movement Hezbollah highlighted several significant points regarding the ongoing multi-front war with Israel. 

Hassan Nasrallah’s speech also took place on the 100th day of a battle known to Palestinians and Lebanese as Al-Aqsa Flood, which is considered to be the first time that non-state political actors in the Middle East have unified against Israel in a defining military struggle. 

Below are excerpts from Nasrallah’s speech, which began by focusing on Wissam Tawil, a Hezbollah field commander on the Lebanese southern front, who was recently killed in an Israeli strike on south Lebanon. 

‘The Lebanese Front Exists to Support and Aid Gaza’

We must all cooperate to provide the elements of steadfastness in this battle, the extent of which is still unknown.

Wissam Tawil

“Al-Hajj Jawad (Wissam Tawil) was one of the key field commanders on the southern front with occupied Palestine since the beginning of the aggression on Gaza.

“Al-Hajj Jawad was a lover of martyrdom and reached what he aspired to.

“We take pride in having fought ISIS and provided leaders in its confrontation, among whom was Al-Hajj Jawad.”

Legendary Gaza 

“Gaza has been resisting for 100 days and remains steadfast with its people in a legendary manner unparalleled in history.

“The Palestinian resistance continues to fight bravely and achieves qualitative operations against the occupation.

“Gaza’s resistance continues its creative resistance, and its media plays a significant role in revealing its heroics in contrast to the Israeli suppression.”

‘Israel is Drowning’ 

“Israel is drowning in failure and is in a deep hole according to its own analysts, having achieved no victory or even the appearance of victory.

“Israel has not achieved any of its declared or undeclared objectives, a fact unanimously agreed upon by the Israelis themselves.

“The enemy is still fighting to achieve ‘some accomplishment’ before moving to the third phase of the war, where it will redeploy its forces.

“The enemy has failed to destroy the resistance or even the Hamas government. Today, all the areas evacuated from northern Gaza are managed by the Hamas government.

“The enemy has failed to stop the rockets even from northern Gaza and has not recovered a single living prisoner.

“The occupation’s losses increase its confusion, the latest being the revelation of 4,000 disabled in its army during the hundred days, a number that could reach 30,000.

“When the war stops, the enemy will face a disaster inflicted by Gaza’s resistance and the supporting resistance fronts.

“The human losses of the occupation are accumulating on the fronts of Gaza, the West Bank, and Lebanon, in addition to economic losses and the cost of displaced persons.

“What is happening in the Red Sea has dealt a significant blow to the enemy’s economy, which has been exposed to the world as seen in The Hague court.

“The scene of the occupation entity in the dock before the world’s eyes based on damning evidence is unprecedented and has confused the occupation entity.

“The occupation entity practices moral hypocrisy before the world by denying its conduct of a genocidal war in Gaza.

“The Israelis are now confident that their government is incompetent and must be changed along with its leader. This is an admission of failure.

“If the current course continues on the fronts of Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, Yemen, and Iraq, the enemy’s government will accept the conditions of the resistance.

“The Americans and many Western countries have worked for 100 days to silence, subdue, and frustrate the other fronts.”

Regional Resistance 

“The efficacy of the resistance fronts is evident in the threats and intimidation directed at Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, and Iran.

“The Americans now threaten and intimidate with the Israelis, as is happening in Lebanon.

“If Biden and his administration think that by aggressing Yemen they can stop the Yemenis, they are ignorant, and their arrogant mentality makes them fools.

“The American actions will lead to the continued targeting of Israeli ships and those heading to occupied Palestine.

“The American aggression will harm the security of maritime navigation in the Red Sea, which will turn into a battlefield, and this is stupidity in itself.

“The alliance is American-British, and they have involved an Arab state, Bahrain. Here, we must commend the stance of the scholars and people of Bahrain who condemned the stance of the Al Khalifa government.

“The Yemeni response is determined by the Yemenis, and Biden and his administration are mistaken in sending messages to Iran and threatening it regarding Yemen.

“What lies between the Yemenis and those who attacked them are “the battlefield, the days, and the nights”, and the Americans will realize their mistake.

“The balance of truth is with Yemen because it is with Palestine, Al-Quds, and those who are discouraged and disheartened will be disappointed.

“What the Islamic Resistance in Iraq announced about targeting a site in Haifa  with a cruise missile is true.

“The occupation has suppressed the attack it faced in Haifa by the Islamic Resistance in Iraq.

“The extent of the enemy’s suppression is reflected in its denial of being targeted at the Meron base, which was targeted by the resistance in Lebanon.”

Lebanese Resistance 

“The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon launched 62 missiles, including 40 Katyushas and 22 new-range Kornets, at the Meron base.

“18 new-range Kornet missiles hit the Meron base.

“There are human casualties at the Meron base, but the occupation is suppressing its losses.

“Videos by the Islamic Resistance regarding the targeting of the Meron base exposed the enemy’s falsehood, as did the video about targeting the Safed base (Dado base).

“The occupation suppresses information about its dead, wounded, losses, and defeats because this would lead to significant moral demoralization, as acknowledged by the Israeli media.

“We are continuing, and our front inflicts losses on the enemy and leads to pressure from the displaced, whose voices have risen.

“The Americans threatened Lebanon that if the southern front is not stopped, Israel will launch a war against the country.

“Your intimidation will not work, not today, not tomorrow, not on any day.

“We are threatened with defeated (IOF) brigades in Gaza… Welcome and greetings!

“When the Israeli army was healthy and fully equipped, it was shattered before our resistance fighters in the July War.

“Those who should fear and be afraid of war are Israel, its people, and its settlers, not Lebanon.”

‘Fight without Boundaries’ 

“We have been ready for war for 99 days and do not fear it; we will fight without limits or boundaries.

“The American who claims to be concerned about Lebanon should be concerned about his tool in the region and his military base.

“The Lebanese front exists to support and aid Gaza and stop the aggression against it. When the aggression stops, then each incident will be addressed in its own context.

“The security of the Red Sea and the calm of the front with Lebanon and the situation in Iraq are contingent on stopping the aggression on Gaza.

“Stop the aggression on Gaza first, and then each incident will be addressed in its own context.”

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