Yemen’s Ansarallah Ready to Send Fighters – Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi

Abdul-Malik Badruldeen al-Houthi, the leader of the Ansarallah group in Yemen. (Photo: via Ansarallah Media Center)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Leader of Yemen’s powerful Ansarallah group said that his military is ready to escalate, if Israel does not end the genocide in Gaza. 

Abdul-Malik Badruldeen al-Houthi, the leader of the Ansarallah group in Yemen, has threatened to target US battleships in response to any attack against Yemen. 

“We will not stand idly by if the Americans have a tendency to escalate and commit foolishness by targeting our country,” al-Houthi said in a speech on Wednesday.

Last November, the Ansarallah group announced that it would target any ship owned or operated by Israel in the Red Sea, until Israel allows for food and fuel to be brought into the besieged Gaza Strip.

“The support for Palestine is based on popular and political consensus” inside Yemen, al-Houthi said, noting that their choice does not target international ships, but only the ones related to “the Zionist enemy”. 

“Other countries should not involve themselves and sacrifice themselves in the service of Israel,” he warned.

Israel is committing “heinous crimes against the Palestinians,” al-Houthi said, adding that “the occupation army continues the severe siege, starvation, and prevents medicines from reaching civilians.”

Al-Houthi stated that the United States plays an active role in Israel’s actions in Gaza as “supporters of Zionism”.

On the other hand, the Yemeni leader noted that they do not expect “the Europeans, with all their dark history, to play a positive role for the benefit of the Palestinian people.”

“The greatest responsibility lies with the Muslim world to have a voice and provide all forms of support” to the Palestinians, he said. 

Al-Houthi said that the Ansarallah group asked countries separating Yemen from Palestine to open all crossings for its mujahideen to enter Palestine.

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The US and a few of its allies have announced the formation of a new military force to patrol the Red Sea in response to Ansarallah’s attacks. However, no influential Arab countries have joined the alliance, which success remains in doubt considering Ansarallah’s growing military capabilities. 

According to Gaza’s Ministry of Health, 19,667 Palestinians have been killed and 52,586 wounded in Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza starting on October 7. Palestinian and international estimates say that the majority of those killed and wounded are women and children.


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  1. I would suggest that Ansarallah ask the ICJ for a legal opinion on whether or not IDF behaviour in Gaza and the West Bank, constitutes terrorism as defined by the FBI and otehrs, and outlawed by various provisions in the US criminal law. And if so, whether the Red Sea and Persian Gulf states are entitled to react to the US Navy and Air Force and Army as organizations providing material support for terrorists and state terrorism.

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