Human Rights Group: Israel Enforces Policy of Medical Neglect in Prisons (VIDEO)

The mother of a 10-year old son was severely burned, especially on her face and hands. (Photo: Social Media)

32-year old Israa Jaabis has been languishing in an Israeli prison for nearly 2 ½ years, carrying out an 11 year sentence for, according to the Israeli Military Court, attempting to kill soldiers.

Jaabis was 30 years old when she was forced to move in order to preserve her Jerusalem identity. Palestinian Jerusalemites, especially those with family members in the West Bank, are systematically targeted for the revocation of their Jerusalem IDs by the Israeli occupation.

According to Jaabis’ family, she was moving personal items to her new apartment when a gas canister malfunctioned and exploded in her car, 500 meters away from an Israeli military checkpoint. Jaabis’ car burst in to flames.

Jaabis was severely burned, especially on her face and hands. Eight fingers were amputated when she was hospitalized. She was transferred to HaSharon prison before her treatment was finished.

Israa al-Jaabis

Israa al-Jaabis, a mother of one, has spent two years of her 11-year sentence in Israeli jails. Israa has got burns of different degrees all over her body, which is making it almost impossible to live normally and independently.However, Israeli prison service is responding to Israa's dire need with medical negligence.

Posted by The Palestinian Information Center on Sonntag, 31. Dezember 2017


According to the prisoner rights group, Addameer, although the fire was contained to her own car, Israeli prosecutors used Facebook posts expressing support for Palestinian resistance to indict Jaabis for attempted murder.

The Palestinian Information Center reports that due to her severe injuries, Jaabis must rely on her fellow women prisoners to assist her with basic tasks and personal care. She is not receiving any medical support from the prison administration.

Addameer reports that there is a systemic policy of medical neglect in Israeli prisons where prisoners like Jabees are denied appropriate health care, and periodic medical check-ups.

The rights group cites -Rule 24 of Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners in May 2015, or Mandela Rules, which mandate:

“The provision of health care for prisoners is a State responsibility. Prisoners should enjoy the same standards of health care that are available in the community, and should have access to necessary health-care services free of charge without discrimination on the grounds of their legal status.”

The Quds News Network yesterday published a letter written by Jaabis describing her trying situation:

A letter from Isra’a Ja’abis:To my sister Muna, to whom it may concern, and to all media institutions. Regarding my…

Posted by Quds News Network on Mittwoch, 10. Januar 2018

In a recent court hearing Jabees told reporters, “My pain is visible as the burns on my body show. I’ve lost my fingers because I have never received any medical treatment since they were burned.”

In addition to the 11 year prison sentence, Jaabis was ordered to pay a fine of 20,000 NIS (approximately $5,000 USD).

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