Hezbollah Ultimatum: Ceasefire on November 3 or Full Mobilization for War

Leader of the Lebanese Resistance movement Hezbollah, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah. (Photo: via Al-Manar)

Hezbollah leader, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, has reportedly given an ultimatum to the United States through mediators, demanding an end to the Israeli war on Gaza by November 3.

Leader of the Lebanese Resistance movement Hezbollah, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, has given an ultimatum to the United States through mediators, demanding an end to the Israeli war on Gaza by November 3, Kuwait-based Al-Jarida newspaper reported, citing Iranian diplomatic sources.

According to the sources, if the US fails to meet this demand, in his Friday televised address, Sheikh Nasrullah will announce “a general mobilization (…) for war with Israel and will launch military operations against Israel from all directions.”

Al-Jarida noted that Nasrallah agreed the ultimatum with Brigadier General Esmail Qaani, head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force, who arrived in the Lebanese capital of Beirut on Tuesday.

According to Al-Jarida’s sources, General Qaani stated earlier at a meeting of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council that Tehran’s regional allies might lose popular support if they failed “to join the fight to support the Palestinian people.”

Israel has, thus far, killed over 9,061 Palestinians in Gaza, including nearly 4,000 children, and wounded more than 32,000. Palestinian Ministry of Health reports and international organizations say that the majority of those killed and wounded are women and children.

Despite a massive Israeli military buildup around the Gaza borders and sporadic infiltrations on the outskirts of the besieged Strip, Palestinian Resistance continues to repel Israeli attacks.

To justify its military failure, the Israeli army continues to pound civilian homes throughout the Gaza Strip with new massacres reported everywhere in the besieged enclave.

Gaza has been under a tight Israeli military siege since 2007, following a democratic election in occupied Palestine, the results of which were rejected by Tel Aviv and Washington. 


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  5. I would like to point out the the real Jewish people, the Orthodox Jews, do not support this war and I support them for their stance. Their religion is tarnished by the Israeli government. The Palestinians have been subjected to many forms of abuse. Some shot and then having knives placed next to their bodies to make out the killing was justified. The shooting of a 5 year old for throwing a small stones towards the troops. Its sick.

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