Gaza ‘Ghosts’ Hunt Israeli Soldiers in their Sleep – Israeli Media

The red triangle became a symbol of the Palestinian Resistance. (Photo: video grab)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

The soldier, who had just returned from Gaza, woke up from his sleep in panic, and began opening fire, injuring some of his colleagues. 

“We are fighting ghosts in Gaza,” was a line used repeatedly, first by Israeli soldiers, then by Israeli media. 

The reference to the Gaza ‘ghosts’ was related to the guerilla war tactics which Palestinian Resistance use while fighting invading Israeli soldiers.

Instead of exposing too many fighters to the Israeli fire all at once, Palestinian Resistance groups fight in small units that often strike and retreat to their positions, possibly underground. 

Image of Golani fighters celebrating their escape from northern Gaza on December 21, demonstrated the joy of Israel’s most elite force of being spared death in the Gaza battlefield. 

Gaza’s ‘ghosts’ have struck again, this time not in Shejaiya, Jabaliya or Khan Younis, but in Israel itself, namely in the southern town of Ashkelon. 

According to Israeli media, an unnamed infantryman was referred to the military police on Wednesday, while spending time at a military retreat in the town of Ashkelon. 

The soldier, who had just returned from Gaza, woke up from his sleep in panic, and began opening fire, injuring some of his colleagues. 

Israeli media cited an official army statement saying that “the soldier will not be investigated at this time due to his medical state, and the inquiry will only proceed once authorized by his doctors.”

“Commanders are accompanying the soldiers alongside medical officials, and are confirming appropriate medical treatment for each troop,” an Israeli army spokesperson told Israel’s Channel 12 News. 

“The spokesperson added that the injured soldiers were lightly wounded and treated by medical staff, but provided no further details on the status of the shooter,” the Israeli channel reported

It seems that Gaza’s ghosts are not just a metaphor, but actual ghosts, at least in the minds of Israeli soldiers, visiting those who are carrying out the war on Gaza, even if outside the Strip, in their sleep. 

(The Palestine Chronicle)

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  1. In my younger days, I read a story in a UK children’s magazine titled Look&Learn, about an army captain in the North-West Frontier of British India who woke and felt something move at the foot of his sleeping bag. He pulled his revolver out and fired, immediately. He shot most of his foot off. You are winning when you conquer an enemy’s dreams.

  2. Good.
    the ghosts of Palestinian, and Gazan children will haunt the world for decades. this is a Holocaust. Hitler’s ghost is in Argentina, shaking his head at Bibi’s Final Solution.

  3. Israelis are fortunate WE IRISH are not their opposition, in GAZA. They would wish they were living in Hell compared to what we would do to them.Ask the British.

  4. My mother experienced the same thing in India when she was a young girl. When an army of Hindu extremists invaded their village to kill all the women and children, there were only 2 men to guard them. Hindus related later they saw 100s of men on horse chasing them with swords.

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