Guantanamo Bay – A Poem

By Deepak Sarkar

Dedicated to all victims who have been silenced depriving them from Rule of Law and Proof of Conviction

Welcome to Guantanimo Bay Cuba!

We specialize in converting innocent people to Al-Qaeda!
Headquartered in the Indian Ocean, Island of Diego Garcia!
The management brain is in Washington DC/Virginia!
Our main North American branch is in Indiana,
Branch offices recruiting all over including Britain and Australia!
Middle Eastern branches are in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia!   
The newest branch is in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada!
If you cooperate we will make an offer you can’t refuse!
If you don’t, you are in for endless torture and abuse!
We make sure no one can hear you but everyone only hears us!
So whatever we tell media is the final words!
We trained for years detained Palestinians as suicide bombers!
Methodology starts by putting you in solitary cell lighted 24 hours!
Ensuring sleep deprivation waking you up every half an hour!
Interrogations and tortures follow until you surrender?
And prepared to say what we want you to say and follow orders!
You will be chained in hands and legs, looking at the floor all day!
Yet have to finish your meal within five minutes permitted!
Natures call will be rationed prohibited if you ever protest!
You won’t be allowed to talk to anyone not even yourself!
No religious practice or bowing to anybody except ourselves!
Until you are baptized as Al-Qaeda wholly committed!  
We will train you in all sophisticated bombs and weapons!
You will learn to behead forgetting all superstition –
How to bring a tower down by creative demolition!
When you pass flight termination, we will send you for mission –
Using private charter flights flying towards worldwide destinations
Based on demands from allies or to silence countries in oppositions!
Occasionally you will be part of a unique secret mission –
As programmable deep water divers inside ocean faults
Stimulating Earthquakes and Tsunami detonating Neutron Bombs!
People think we only transfer prisoners for outsourcing torture!
Our intelligent media keep the gossip alive with Islamic Posture!
You will be part of our valued team of 900,000 plus soldiers –
Running worldwide shadow Governments without UN backlash!
Our political wing keeps politics groovy with ‘tough on crime’ and ‘tax cuts’!
Our voting machines are paperless sensitive to remote touch!
World Health Organization resonates with our pandemic cause!
Our NGOs are busy converting UN to private charter!
But all these goodness come with only one minor catch!

We will use your video in media for Al-Qaeda broadcast!

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