Israeli Authorities Extend Detention of Al-Shifa Hospital Director for 45 Days

Israeli army arrested Al-Shifa Hospital director. (Photo: via AJA, Video grab)

Israeli occupation forces arrested Dr. Muhammad Abu Salamiya on November 23, in addition to a number of doctors at the hospital.

The Government Media Office in Gaza said on Monday evening that Israeli authorities had extended the detention of the director of Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital for an additional 45 days, the Middle East Monitor reported.

“The occupation army extended the detention of the director of Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza for 45 days pending investigation,” its statement said.

Israeli occupation forces arrested Dr. Muhammad Abu Salamiya on November 23, in addition to a number of doctors at the hospital.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza announced the “suspension of coordination with the World Health Organization regarding the process of evacuating patients and medical personnel from hospitals in the Gaza Strip following the detention of employees working in the medical sector by the Israeli occupation army.”

In turn, the WHO confirmed that “we do not have information about the well-being of the four remaining health staff, including the director of Al-Shifa hospital,” in reference to four of the six staff members arrested at Al-Shifa.

WHO called for “their legal and human rights to be fully observed during their detention.”

The organization had said in a statement received by Quds Press last Saturday that, “the director of the biggest hospital in the besieged Palestinian territory had been arrested on Wednesday along with five other health workers, while they were taking part in a United Nations mission to evacuate patients.”

The Geneva-based Euro-Med Rights posted on X: “We are immensely concerned by reports that @WHO may have unwittingly or knowingly facilitated Israel’s kidnapping of senior medical staff from al-Shifa. WHO promised staff & patients a safe evacuation to the South coordinated with Israel, IDF stopped the convoy & kidnapped some.”

On November 18, the invading Israeli military forced most of the patients, wounded, and medical staff out of the medical complex, demanding they walk on foot to the south of the Gaza Strip. 31 premature babies were also evacuated.

Israeli forces intensified their attacks on Palestinian hospitals in the besieged and war-torn Gaza Strip in the week that preceded the temporary ceasefire agreement.

Until the ceasefire was announced on Friday, November 24, the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza announced that over 15,000 Palestinians, including over 6,150 children and more than 4,000, with another 36,000 wounded.


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  1. Well of course being Director of a Gaza Hospital is clearly a crime!

    Shame on the WHO for not calling for the release of all medical personnel. Israel has no right to hold them

    • Exactly, how dare the UN once again allow the IDF to trample all over International Law. This was a pre-agreed humanitarian evacuation under the cover of the WHO.
      Surely this is yet another war crime on the part of the IDF.
      Why does the BBC let any of the IDF or Israeli Government use its platform for lies and propaganda; they are guilty of apartheid and other crimes against humanity?

  2. But this goes to show doesn’t it that no-one values a Palestinian in the West, our UK Government is guilty of conspiracy to commit war crimes as they fully endorsed the illegal activities of Israel which according to the UN, ANC and WHO have been actively engaged in a system of Apartheid for at least 15 years and perhaps more like 75 years.
    Israel is the occupier and under International Law the Palestinians have the inalienable right to self-determination by any means including armed struggle.
    So it seems that all those kids in Israeli Military Custody are there illegally as they have a legal right to do anything to get rid of those evil IDF goons. UN Resolutions do support that.

  3. It’s high time that someone in the press spoke the truth and as for those MPs mostly Tory in Parliament wearing their UK/ Flag of Israel badges I wonder in a few years time when they look back will they regret that they are visibly supporting an Apartheid Regime. Must take the ANC right back to see a bunch of pompous white elite endorsing Apartheid. You should check with the ANC who have declared Israel as such and the words of the late President (and one time terrorist) Nelson Mandela. So terrorists today are the free elected ministers of a democracy tomorrow.
    Just waiting for the Big White Guys to let loose the reins of oppression.
    Israel does not have the right to self defence here.

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