JENIN LIVE BLOG | Day Two: Israeli Attacks, Fierce Resistance and Death Toll

Israeli forces invaded Jenin and its refugee camp. (Image: PC)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

At dawn, on Monday, July 3, over 1,000 Israeli soldiers invaded the Palestinian town of Jenin, and its adjacent rebellious refugee camp from several directions. Battles ensued between the invading occupation forces and Palestinian Resistance. Many Palestinians were killed and wounded. The Israeli military didn’t admit to any casualties among its forces, though video footage on social media showed Israeli military vehicles under attack or blowing up. 

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(Our sources: Palestine Chronicle reporters, Palestinian news agency WAFA, Palestinian Ministry of Health, Arabic media, international news agencies, Israeli media, and selected social media ..) 

Wed, July 5, 9:30 am (GMT +3)

Israeli Radio: Army out of Jenin

The Israeli army radio has announced that following two days of Israeli attacks, the occupation army has pulled out of the town and refugee camp of Jenin, in the occupied Palestinian West Bank.

The Israeli military says that 3000 soldiers have taken part in the invasion.

Local Palestinian media reported that tens of Israeli military vehicles have left Jenin but deployed at the outskirts of the town.

Israeli Occupation Forces Withdraw from Jenin, Resistance Claims Victory

Wed, July 5, 12:30 am (GMT +3)

Reports: Israeli Soldier Killed, Other Wounded 

A joint Palestinian Resistance unit has reportedly ambushed a group of Israeli soldiers in the Jenin refugee camp, killing one and wounding another.

The group included fighters from Fatah’s Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, Hamas’s Al-Qassam Brigades, and the Islamic Jihad’s Al-Quds Brigades, Aljazeera Arabic Channel reported.

Jenin: Joint Resistance Unit Kills, Wounds Israeli Soldiers

Tue, July 4, 10:30 pm (GMT +3)

Israeli Channel 14: Israeli Forces Pulling Out of Jenin

Israeli Channel 14 reported that Israeli military vehicles began pulling out of the town and refugee camp of Jenin. 

Tue, July 4, 10:15 pm (GMT +3)

Palestinian Ministry of Health: Israel Raids Jenin Hospital

The Palestine Ministry of Health said that Israeli occupation forces have raided the Jenin Governmental Hospital and wounded three people inside. 

Tue, July 4, 9:50 pm (GMT +3)

Palestinian Ministry of Health: Death Toll Rises

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health’s latest statement, the number of Palestinians killed in the Israeli raid on Jenin has risen to 11, with 120 wounded, 20 of whom are in critical condition. 

Tue, July 4, 6:10 pm (GMT +3)

Latin Patriarch in Jerusalem: Our Church in Jenin was Damaged

The Latin Patriarch in Jerusalem said that their church in the city of Jenin was damaged by the unprecedented Israeli aggression.

Tue, July 4, 5:50 pm (GMT +3)

Israeli Media, Citing Israeli Officials

Israeli media quoted security officials as saying: “We are approaching the end of the operation and we will continue to enter Jenin and its camp as much as we want.”

Tue, July 4, 5:20 pm (GMT +3)

Commander of the Jenin Battalion of the Al-Quds Brigades

A commander in the Jenin Brigade of the Jerusalem Brigades told Aljazeera that the Resistance is conducting the battle according to pre-prepared plans and that they had inflicted heavy losses on the enemy.

Tue, July 4, 3:20 pm (GMT +3)

Palestinian Ministry of Health: Names of Jenin’s Victims Released

The Palestinian Ministry of Health named the ten Palestinians killed in the ongoing Israeli attack on the town and refugee camp of Jenin.
The Ministry also said that at least 120 others were wounded, describing the wounds of 20 of them to be serious.

These are the names and ages of the ten who were killed, according to a Ministry statement:

1- Samih Firas Abu al-Wafa (20 years old)
2- Hussam Muhammad Abu Dhiba (18 years old)
3- Aws Hani Hanoun (19 years old)
4- Nour El-Din Hossam Marshoud (16 years old)
5- Muhammad Muhannad al-Shami (23 years old)
6- Ahmed Muhammad Amer (21 years old).
7- Majdi Younis Arrawi (17 years old)
8- Ali Hani al-Ghoul (17 years old)
9- Mustafa Nidal Qassem (17 years old).
10- Uday Ibrahim Khamaysa (22 years old)

Tue, July 4, 11:05 am (GMT +3)

Prisoners’ Club on the Fate of Prisoners

The Palestinian Prisoner’ Club, an organization dedicated to defending the rights of Palestinian prisoners in Israel, said that the Israeli occupation is fully responsible for the welfare of Palestinian prisoners from Jenin.

LIVE BLOG | Jenin Under Massive Israeli Attack, Many Killed, Wounded

Tue, July 4, 10:55 am (GMT +3)

Israeli Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi in a Palestinian Home

The Israeli army published a photo showing its Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi inside Jenin. The photo shows what looks like an Israeli military operation room inside a Palestinian home occupied by the Israeli military.

Tue, July 4, 10:40 am (GMT +3)

Teargassing Jenin Hospital

Aran media correspondents report that the Israeli military has tear-gassed the Jenin government hospital.

Aljazeera Arabic correspondent also reported that the Israeli military has opened fire at journalists on the outskirts of Jenin.

Tue, July 4, 10:30 am (GMT +3)

Israel: No Decision Yet to End Operation

Israeli media report, citing an anonymous ‘security official’ said that there has been no decision to end the Israeli military operation inside Jenin and that the army is assessing intelligence reports.

Tue, July 4, 10:15 am (GMT +3)

Resistance Shoots Down Fourth Drone

The Jenin Brigades, one of the main resistance groups inside Jenin, said that its fighters have shot down a fourth Israeli military drone.

Tue, July 4, 10:00 am (GMT +3)

Neighborhood Bombed

Israeli airstrikes targeting the town and refugee camp of Jenin continued, this time with the targeting of the Abdullah Azzam neighborhood in the Jenin refugee camp.

Tue, July 4, 9:50 am (GMT +3)

Doctors Without Borders: Let the Wounded Out

The international medical rights group Doctors Without Borders condemned the Israeli army’s prevention of Palestinian medics and ambulances from reaching and evacuating the wounded.

Tue, July 4, 9:35 am (GMT +3)

Palestinian Foreign Ministry: Expelling Palestinians is War Crime

The Palestinian Authority Foreign Ministry condemned the expelling of thousands of Palestinians by the Israeli military from Jenin, considering it a war crime and a stark violation of international law.

Tue, July 4, 9:20 am (GMT +3)

Israeli Army: 160 Palestinians Wanted

The Israeli occupation army said that it is searching for 360 Palestinians, whom Israel described as “wanted”, and that 160 are sheltered inside the Jenin refugee camp.  

Tue, July 4, 9 am (GMT +3)

Palestinian Ministry of Health: Death Toll

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, ten Palestinians have been killed and over 100 wounded, including 20 who are in critical condition.  

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