No Proof of Beheaded Israeli Babies: White House Backtracks on Biden’s Comments – BREAKING

Biden was simply repeating what Netanyahu had told him. (Photo: Daily Beast website)

Building up a case for a war, which proved more destructive than ever, the Israeli narrative convinced Netanyahu’s allies that he is telling the truth. Now the story is changing ..

The Washington Post newspaper reported that White House has backtracked on remarks made by US President Joe Biden about seeing images of alleged atrocities committing by Palestinian Resistance fighters in Israeli settlements surrounding Gaza.

The newspaper quoted a White House spokesman as saying neither Biden nor any official who saw photos or verified reports of terrorists beheading children, pointing out that Biden’s statements on alleged atrocities were based on Israeli media reports.

Israeli officials and media made unsubstantiated remarks about beheading of babies, rape and other allegations.

Rightwing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu championed and promoted the allegations.

Further investigations, however, show that the allegations are not supported by any evidence.

The Daily Beast reported, citing the Post, “The White House was forced to walk back comments made by President Joe Biden Wednesday at a roundtable with Jewish community leaders, in which he claimed to have seen ‘confirmed pictures of terrorists beheading children’ in Israel.

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“A spokesperson later clarified to The Washington Post that Biden had not seen any such photos—but was basing his claims on assertions made by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and news reports from the scene of a massacre at the Kfar Aza kibbutz in southern Israel,” it added.

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  1. Interesting to read this article and ponder further. The reaction of the Israeli government is to blitz all Palestnians and not just those that it considers to be terrorists. It is not self-defence, it is knee-jerk retaliation, The west condemns Iran developing a nuclear program yet it quite content for Israel to have nuclear capabilities. Are the Israelis mature enough and to be trusted when they act so indiscriminately?

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