‘Rock for Palestine’ – Roger Waters, Yusuf Islam and Lowkey in Concert for Gaza

The flier of the concert. (Photo: via twitter)

By Nurah Tape – The Palestine Chronicle  

“We live on that uncomfortable edge, on the brink of tears because we feel empathy for our brothers and sisters in Gaza and the other occupied territories in Palestine,” rock legend and co-founder of Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, told the crowd.

Renowned musicians Roger Waters, Yusuf Islam, and rapper Lowkey alongside other special guests, have held a “Rock for Palestine” concert in aid of peace, freedom and justice for Palestine, highlighting the ongoing genocide in the besieged Gaza Strip.

“This is for Palestine, Ramallah, West Bank, Gaza,
This is for the child searching for an answer,
Wish I could take your tears, and replace it with laughter,
Long Live Palestine, Long Live Palestine,”

rapped Kareem Dennis better known as Lowkey, in the opening performance held at the St Pancras Church in London on Friday.

Described as an “artivist”, Lowkey is a British hip-hop artist, journalist and activist who has combined his music with his pro-Palestine activism.

Drawing parallels between the struggles of people all over the world, Lowkey told the crowd: “The same people that tell you lies about WMDs, tell you lies about refugees…”

‘The Innocent Children’ – Yusuf Islam

Highlighting the plight of children in the besieged Gaza Strip, Yusuf Islam, formerly known as Cat Stevens, began his performance with the song Wild World.

“They’re the most innocent, the most pure, they’re the ones who do not deserve this,” said the 76-year-old British singer-songwriter and humanitarian.

“There’s a saying: Whoever has murdered an innocent soul, it’s as if they’ve murdered all of humanity. And who is more innocent than babies and children?” he asked.

My Heart is Heavy: To Whom It May Concern, Please STOP – ROGER WATERS

Islam commended the concert organizers, saying “It’s not all dark because I love what’s happening here tonight. It’s beautiful and it’s bright and there’s a light.”

To applause, Islam said: “This is not just a stand for Palestine, it’s a stand for the soul of Palestine and Palestinians. And we know that the soul never dies.”

‘Living on Brink of Tears’ – Roger Waters

“I’m sure many of you, like me, live on the brink of tears,” English musician and singer-songwriter Roger Waters told the crowd. “We live on that uncomfortable edge, on the brink of tears because we feel empathy for our brothers and sisters in Gaza and the other occupied territories in Palestine.”

“Empathy, what a precious gift empathy is,” Waters, who called the concert a “Rock for Palestine”, said.

The human rights activist, 81, introduced his song, Wish You Were Here: “People sometimes think ‘Wish You Were Here’ is a lament for a dead childhood friend of mine.”

“Guess what?” the co-founder of rock bank Pink Floyd added. “Sometimes it is, but not tonight. Tonight is for Palestine. Tonight, my song, ‘Wish You Were Here’ is about choices.”

Referring to the upcoming British elections, Waters told the crowd: “You will have the opportunity to cast your vote to make a choice. You can choose heaven or hell.”

Waters, who has been vocal against the Gaza genocide, described Labour leader Keir Starmer as a “genocide enabler.”

“To prevent the genocide enabler Keir Starmer from becoming prime minister would be a huge gift to the people of England and, in fact, to the whole of mankind,” said Waters. “We are in desperate need of a new moral compass in Westminster to help guide a new Labour movement that truly represents the people through the corridors of power.”

He emphasized: “To be clear, we are also engaged here tonight, in part of a larger existential battle for the very soul of the human race, and so are all of you. Thank You.”

Nelson Mandela’s Legacy

Former South African politician and pro-Palestine activist Andrew Feinstein told the crowd: “We are here for one reason, we are here for humanity and peace.”

Feinstein, who is running as an independent candidate in the UK elections, reflected on Nelson Mandela’s legacy and his commitment to the struggle for freedom of the Palestinian people.

“We are going to create a just and equal world in which we all strive for a better life for all of us, just as my former boss, Nelson Mandela, did in South Africa and the world,” he said.

“And we will never forget that after 27 years in an apartheid prison … Nelson Mandela emerged to say: ‘Our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinian people’.”

The concert, live-streamed exclusively by Double Down News, concluded with vocal chants of “Free Free Palestine, Palestine Will Never Die” from the stage, in unison with the passionate crowd.

(The Palestine Chronicle)

– Nurah Tape is a South Africa-based journalist. She is an editor with The Palestine Chronicle.

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