The Hidden Israel Lobby, US Student Protests & Academic Freedom – Interview with David Miller

Robert Inlakesh interviewed Prof. David Miller. (Thumbnail: Palestine Chronicle)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

In this episode of Palestine Chronicle – In Depth, Robert Inlakesh interviews Professor David Miller, who is a leading academic expert on Islamophobia, also specializing in the analysis of both State and Corporate lobbying.

The interview focuses on the ongoing pro-Palestine student protests and segways into topics like the Israel Lobby, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, academic freedom and the response to action on campuses across the world in opposition to Israeli war crimes in Gaza.

David Miller was recently vindicated in his vocal opposition to Zionism after a lengthy legal battle, after he was dismissed from his role at the University of Bristol in 2021. Earlier this year it was found that he was wrongfully dismissed and that he had been discriminated against for his anti-Zionist beliefs.

Miller elaborates in this interview on the often hidden elements of the Zionist Lobby, in addition to breaking down the reasons behind the reactions from the authorities in different countries to the pro-Palestine student protests. 

(The Palestine Chronicle)

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