West Bank Update – Israeli Forces Raid Jenin, Nablus, Scores Detained

Israeli army storm Jenin. (File Photo: via WAFA)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Scores of Palestinians were arrested in several governorates of the West Bank, including Bethlehem, Ramallah, Nablus, Hebron, Jenin, and Jerusalem.

Palestinian Resistance fighters engaged in fierce clashes with invading Israeli forces in the towns of Jenin and Nablus in the occupied West Bank in the early hours of Sunday.

According to Saraya al-Quds, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad resistance movement, “fighters in the Jenin Brigade” confronted Israeli forces that invaded the city and the surrounding Mahaim area. The movement said bulldozers were used by Israeli forces to destroy infrastructure and homes.

Resistance fighters also clashed with invading Israeli troops in the Old Askar Camp of Nablus, said Saraya al-Quds.

This follows Israeli military raids on a few towns on Saturday including Yabrud, Ni’lin, and Beit Rima in Ramallah.

Scores Arrested

Late on Saturday and into Sunday, at least 20 Palestinians, including children and former detainees, were arrested in a series of raids across the West Bank, according to a joint statement by the Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) and the Authority of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs.

The arrests took place across several governorates of the West Bank, including Bethlehem, Ramallah, Nablus, Hebron, Jenin, and Jerusalem, the official Palestinian news agency WAFA reported.

‘Battle of the Walls of Death’ – Israeli Forces Withdraw After 46 Hours, Leaving 12 Dead

According to the statement, these raids were accompanied by home invasions, abuse, and widespread destruction of property.

The statement also noted that since October 7, the total number of Palestinians arrested by Israeli forces has risen to over 8,875. This figure included those taken from their homes as well as at military checkpoints.

On Thursday, Israeli forces withdrew from Jenin following a nearly two-day-raid on Jenin, which left 12 Palestinians dead, including a doctor, a teacher and four youths.

Saraya Al-Quds Jenin Brigade, said in a statement that “after 46 hours, the IOF (Israeli Occupation Forces) has completely withdrawn from Jenin camp after facing fierce resistance, unable to achieve their goals.”

The movement dubbed the clashes between resistance fighters and Israeli forces the “Battle of the Walls of Death,” saying Jenin and its camp “will be as it was: Walls on which invaders die and on whose rock all fascist conspiracies and plans are broken.”

Settlers Storm Al-Aqsa

On Sunday, groups of illegal settlers stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in occupied Jerusalem under Israeli police protection.

Witnesses reported that dozens of settlers made their way into the compound through the Moroccan Gate, and performed Talmudic rituals throughout the courtyards of the mosque, reported WAFA.

Meanwhile, Israeli police stationed at the gates of the Old City and Al-Aqsa Mosque prevented several Palestinian citizens from entering, resulting in a significant decline in the number of worshippers.

This action coincides with preparations by thousands of settlers to storm the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem on Sunday evening to celebrate the Jewish Torch Festival.

The settlers plan to mark the event in and around a cave they claim contains the tomb of “Simeon the Just,” reported WAFA.

Residents of the neighborhood reported that since Saturday evening, hordes of setters have been provoking the residents under the pretext of celebrating the festival, accompanied by loud music that continued late into the night.

The neighborhood committee stated that Sheikh Jarrah had been completely closed off since Sunday morning, restricting movement within its streets to facilitate the settlers’ activities. The open land in the neighborhood has been seized and cleared in preparation for the celebration.

Residents expressed concern that they felt imprisoned in their homes amidst the heavy presence of hundreds of Israeli police officers, as well as having to face provocation and assaults from the settlers. They are particularly concerned about their homes and safety as many of the settlers are armed.

Olive Trees Destroyed

Illegal Jewish settlers on Saturday cut down olive trees belonging to Palestinians in the village of Dhahr al-Abad, located southwest of Jenin in the northern occupied West Bank, reported WAFA.

Tareq Amarneh, the head of the village council of Dhahr al-Abed, told WAFA that settlers attacked the eastern area of the village and cut down 15 olive trees belonging to villagers using electric saws.


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