The Militarists and Haters Win in Israeli Elections

Winners: Netanyahu, AIPAC, US Republican Party, Sheldon Adelson (American Jewish billionaire funder of the right), Hamas, Islamic State, the right-wing Mullahs in Iran.

Losers: Israeli, World Jewry, the Palestinian people, the forces for peace and non-violence everywhere, the Palestinian Authority, the people of Iran, the people of the U.S.

According to Israeli newspapers reporting on the outcome of the Israeli election on Tuesday, Likud increased its lead in the next Knesset of 120 members. It will now hold 30 Knesset seats, compared to the Zionist Union (former Labor Party) with 24 seats. As the front runner, Netanyahu will be asked to create the government coalition.

The Joint List of Palestinian Israelis, the third-largest party, gets 14 seats, followed by Yesh Atid with 11, Kulanu with 10, Habayit Hayehudi (ultra right) with eight, Shas with seven, United Torah Judaism with six, Yisrael Beiteinu (fascist right) with six, and Meretz (once the peace party) with four.

Though the Israeli president has said he will ask for a government of national unity, it will be unity around the policies which Netanyahu put out clearly in the last days of the election: No Palestinian state, no deal that would allow Iran to develop nuclear energy, no willingness to count Arab Israelis as “real Israelis” (Netanyahu went so far as to warn the Israeli public that they were in danger because Arab Israelis had formed a Joint List and might become a real force in the Knesset unless the Jewish Israelis rallied around Netanyahu’s Likud party).

How can the right wing grow to so much power in an Israel filled with mostly decent human beings, some of whom have even been influenced by Judaism’s teachings of love for neighbor and love for “the other,” though of course most Israelis are secular?

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  1. I wonder if you will actually print my comment;
    How can you call our policy “racist” etc., when Arabs are enjoying All of the rights that citizens have, PLUS additional subsidies and grants etc??
    Understand, it is only a matter of survival for us; Our lil Israel is Jewish tiny state.
    we cannot allow the likes of Zoabi to erode it from within, by using our democratic and just process…
    Increasingly, young Arabs including women are serving in the IDF proudly and Arabs have an extensive representation in Knessed, Which by the way they ABUSE!!!
    imagine someone like Hilary going over to ISIS and then later advocating their cause on the Capitol Hill?
    oh, wait; Bad example – the Libs are!!!

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