‘Unacceptable’ – Singapore’s Israeli Embassy Ordered to Remove Facebook Post

The Israeli embassy in Singapore was ordered to take down an "insensitive" post. (Image: Palestine Chronicle)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

The post reportedly claimed that Israel was mentioned 43 times in the Quran and that Palestine was not even mentioned once.

The Singaporean government has instructed the Israeli embassy to take down a social media post that made claims about Palestinians by citing the Quran, deeming it “completely unacceptable” and “insensitive.”

The post was made on the official Facebook page of the Israeli embassy in Singapore on March 24 and taken down that evening, according to the Singaporean daily The Straits Times.

“The post claimed that Israel was mentioned 43 times in the Quran, that Palestine was not even mentioned once, and that there was archaeological evidence that the Jewish people were the indigenous people of the land,” the paper reported.

‘Insensitive and Inappropriate’

Singapore’s Law and Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam told the media on Monday:  “I was very upset when I was told about it. And my Ministry, Ministry of Home Affairs spoke with the MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) yesterday and said that the embassy has to take the post down immediately and they have taken it down.”

He said the post was “wrong at many levels” and that “(the) Ministry of Home Affairs had asked for the post to be taken down and made our views very clear to the Israeli embassy.”

‘Attempt to Rewrite History’

“Second, it is wrong to selectively point to religious texts, to make a political point,” Shanmugam further said. “Even worse, in this current situation, for the Israeli embassy to make use of the Quran for this purpose.

“Third, this post is an astonishing attempt to rewrite history.”

“The writer of the post should look at UN resolutions, see if Israel’s actions in the past few decades have been consistent with the international law before trying to rewrite history,” the minister emphasized.

(The Palestine Chronicle)

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  1. As far as history goes, perhaps the Zionists should be asking themselves why the entire land was given the name Palestine by the Greeks and the Romans, instead of Judea or Israel? Maybe it was because the coastal region, where the Philistines and the Phoenicians had their cities, was also the region that was in active contact with the Greeks and the Romans, long before the Seleucids and Ptolemies fought over the land, long before the Romans arrived as the reigning superpower of the Mediterranean? FWIW, the Greek alphabet is derived from the Phoenician, and the Latin alphabet – what I’m using now – was derived via the Etruscans from the Greek.

  2. She seems to have stolen that line from the david guy. What he doesn’t say in the video is that in Quran, israel is a human and not a land. The woman should be fired. Totally unacceptable for a public servant to not verify what actually is in the Book of law and guidance esp when it is freely available online with translations. This is malpractice. Doesn’t matter if it is Quran or a book of English laws.

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