Abdallah Aljamal (1987-2024) – Well-Known Journalist Murdered in Gaza

Palestinian journalist Abdallah Aljamal. (Photo: supplied)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

The Palestine Chronicle is saddened to learn that Abdallah Aljamal, one of its contributors in the Gaza Strip, has been killed in the latest Israeli massacre in the Nuseirat refugee camp.

Particularly tragic is that Aljamal’s last contribution to the Palestine Chronicle covered a previous massacre, which killed over 40 Palestinian civilians in an UNRWA school in the refugee camp.

Israeli media is linking Aljamal’s family to the Israeli captives, claiming that Abdallah’s father, Dr. Ahmed, and other members of the family, were executed in the process of the bloody rescue mission.

Those claims have been refuted by respected commentators and journalists online, who pointed in the inconsistencies in the official Israeli narrative.

“The building where Abdallah lived was one of 7 homes reportedly raided by the IDF on June 8. Hostages were held in only 2 of these buildings, not yet clear which,” Gazan writer and analyst Muhammad Shehada wrote on X.

The tragic news of Aljamal’s family execution was conveyed through EuroMed Monitor, a Geneva-based rights organization.

“In a preliminary investigation into the field executions by the Israeli army at the Nusseirat refugee camp yesterday, @EuroMedHR stated that soldiers used a ladder to break through the residence of Dr. Ahmed Al-Jamal,” the statement said.

“Upon encountering 36-year-old Fatima Al-Jamal on the staircase, they immediately shot her dead. The troops then stormed the house and executed her husband, 36-year-old journalist Abdullah Al-Jamal, and his father, 74-year-old Dr. Ahmed Al-Jamal, in front of his grandchildren. Additionally, their 27-year-old daughter, Zainab, was shot and seriously injured,” it added.

The Israeli mission, which according to Axios and other news outlets, involved direct and indirect US and British support, resulted in the killing of 274 Palestinians and the wounding of hundreds more.

“Abdallah Aljamal’s reports have focused entirely on the humanitarian situation in Gaza, especially in the central part of the Strip, starting shortly after the war,” The Palestine Chronicle said in a statement.

“His contributions became frequent when Israel deliberately began killing journalists, making it nearly impossible for the Palestinian voice to break away from the Gaza siege,” it added.

Aljamal’s relationship with the Palestine Chronicle was that of a freelance contributor. He was neither a staff writer nor a contractor. Aljamal has contributed his services to the Palestine Chronicle on a voluntary basis.

However, the value of his work was very important as one of the few journalists who kept the focus entirely on displaced Palestinian refugees, families of victims of the Israeli genocide, and other stories that were not being told by other journalists or media outlets.

Abdallah’s daily reports were originally written and published in Arabic. The Palestine Chronicle translated and republished a selected number of these reports throughout the war.

The Palestine Chronicle conveys its condolences to the people of Nuseirat and all the families of journalists murdered in Gaza throughout this genocidal war.

For more information about Abdallah Aljama’s translated and republished articles, click here.

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    • No evidence whatsoever of the Aljamal family “harboring” one single hostage. This was another invented lie, used by the genocidal Israeli occupation army, as an excuse to murder even more Palestinian civilians.

      On the subject of hostages, what about the ten thousand severely abused Palestinian hostages, who are currently being held by the Zionist entity?

    • True. And so did all the children who were torn to pieces. Right?
      We all know he was killed because he is a journalist. No more no less. The zionost account is contradictive and makes no sense. Besides, based on your own logic, half of the Zionists are to “pay the price” for the dozens of thousands of Palestinians who are held hostages in what looks more like concentration camps than prisons. The vast majority of these hostages are either children, women or men who weren’t even trialed or charged.
      But what to expect from a Zionist sympathizer other than lies, hypocricy and dehumanizing the Palestinians. Go spread your hasbara bullshit somewhere else, zionist.

  1. Very sad and horrifying what happened to Abdallah Aljamal, and his family. They shot him to death. They shot his wife to death. They shot his father to death. They shot his sister, seriously injuring her. And, all of this was done in front of the eyes of his children.

    As long as the morally bankrupt U.S. government endlessly continues to defend the Zionist entity and completely finance its genocidal campaign, defenseless Palestinian civilians will therefore continue to be murdered on a massive scale.

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