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Israeli airstrikes on besieged Gaza continue. (Photo: Mahmoud Ajjour, The Palestine Chronicle)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Genocidal war, ‘psychological warfare’: Israel calls on Palestinians to relocate en masse, adding more fear and confusion to a horrific war, where thousands were killed and wounded in an ongoing genocide carried out against the besieged Gaza Strip.

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Palestinian Ministry of Health: The number of Palestinians killed and wounded in the Israeli war on Gaza rose to 1,900 killed, including 614 children and 370 women. 7,696 wounded. In the West Bank, 51 killed and hundreds were wounded.


Saturday, October 14, 5:06 am (GMT +3)

PALESTINIAN SOURCES: The Israeli occupation forces stormed the city of Jenin in the northern West Bank.

UNITED NATIONS: The Brazilian presidency of the UN Security Council is distributing a draft resolution focused on providing aid to civilians in Gaza.

ISRAELI MILITARY: The Israeli military said it bombed Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon in response to the launch of flying objects that penetrated Israel and intercepted.

Saturday, October 14, 2:35 am (GMT +3)

ISRAELI ARMY: IDF: CNN quoted a spokesman for the Israeli occupation army as saying, “We have not yet been able to locate the hostages, nor to rescue any of them.”

HAMAS: The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas praised the Russian president’s position rejecting the aggression and the siege of Gaza and welcomed the Russian efforts to stop the aggression.

ALJAZEERA: The Israeli army boats are bombing the coast of Gaza, while many Palestinians were injured when Israeli planes bombed a house in Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip.

MEDIA: Russian Ambassador to the UN Security Council Vassily Nebenzia said that indiscriminate shelling of residential areas in Gaza is unacceptable. He said that the escalation is deeply worrying, and that the region is on the brink of all-out war that is unprecedented.

Saturday, October 14, 1:00 am (GMT +3)

KUWAIT: We refuse calls by the Israeli occupation to displace the Palestinian people. (The statement was made by Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Salem Abdullah Jaber al-Sabah.)

PALESTINIAN MINISTERY OF HEALTH: 16 Palestinians killed by the Israeli occupation army in the West Bank, raising the number of Palestinians killed in the West Bank to 51 since Saturday.

World United: End Israeli Massacres in Gaza – SPECIAL REPORT

PALESTINIAN MINISTERY OF HEALTH: Number of Palestinians killed in Gaza since the start of the Israeli war has reached 1,900, including 614 children and 370 women, in addition to 7696 wounded.

BIDEN: We will make sure that Israel has all it needs to defend itself.

UN ANTONIO GUTERRES: The Situation in Gaza had deteriorated to unprecedented levels.

Friday, October 13, 10:20 pm (GMT +3)

MEDIA: Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gare Storre has condemned Israel’s blockade of Gaza and measures targeting civilians in the Strip. Earlier, Norwegian Foreign Minister Aniken Hoytveldt said the situation in Gaza was already tragic and worsening by the hour, and it was essential to provide assistance to civilians.

PALESTINIAN MEDICAL SOURCE: Two Palestinians were killed by Israeli gunfire in the town of Issawiya in occupied Jerusalem.

My Heart is Heavy: To Whom It May Concern, Please STOP – ROGER WATERS

SAUDI FOREIGN MINISTRY: We affirmed our “categorical rejection” of calls for the forced displacement of the Palestinian people from Gaza. The Foreign Ministry said it reiterated its condemnation of the continued targeting of unarmed civilians in Gaza and demanded the lifting of the siege on the residents of the Strip.

Friday, October 13, 7:00 pm (GMT +3)

AJA: A journalist was killed and three more wounded – including an Al Jazeera reporter and photographer – by an Israeli bombing that targeted their vehicle in southern Lebanon.

GAZA’S MINISTRY OF HEALTH: More than 40 were killed and 150 injured as a result of the occupation targeting displaced people in the Gaza Strip.

Friday, October 13, 6:00 pm (GMT +3)

AJA: Emir of Qatar receives Blinken in Doha. They stressed importance of making efforts to reduce escalation in the Palestinian territories and opening safe corridors in the Gaza Strip for relief and humanitarian efforts.

ISRAELI AMBULANCE SERVICE: Several Israelis were injured after a rocket fell in Rehovot, south of Tel Aviv.

Friday, October 13, 5:00 pm (GMT +3)

ISRAELI ARMY: The Israeli army announced a suspected infiltration on the northern border with Lebanon. The residents of Hanita must go to shelters.

GAZA’S HEALTH MINISTRY: The number of Palestinians killed as a result of Israeli airstrikes since last Saturday has risen to 1,799 and the numbers of wounded to 6,388.

Friday, October 13, 4:00 pm (GMT +3)

DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDER: Israel’s evacuation orders in Gaza are condemnable and outrageous.

YEDIOTH AHRONOTH: The last missile launched from Gaza towards northern Israel is the longest-range missile ever launched from the Strip.

PALESTINIAN HEALTH MINISTRY: The number of Palestinians killed in Occupied West Bank has risen to 9 and the number of wounded to 130 due to Israeli army gunfire in confrontations in several areas of the occupied West Bank.

ISRAELI CHANNEL 14: Rockets were fired from Gaza towards the Galilee and Golan near Syria and Lebanon.

AL QASSAM BRIGADES: The Al-Qassam Brigades said that they targeted the headquarters of the Northern Command in Safad with an Ayyash 250 missile

AJA: The death toll in an Israeli bombing that targeted a house in the northern Gaza Strip had risen to 9 people.

HEZBOLLAH: Sheikh Naim Qassem, Deputy Secretary-General of the Lebanese Hezbollah, said today, Friday, that the party is “ready” and “will contribute” to the confrontations against Israel according to its own plan, despite foreign powers asking it not to interfere.

Friday, October 13, 3:00 pm (GMT +3)

WHITE HOUSE: White House National Security Spokesman John Kirby said on Friday that Israel’s call for the movement of more than a million civilians in the northern Gaza Strip within 24 hours would be a “difficult matter.”

EUROPEAN UNION: EU foreign policy official: We emphasize protecting civilians and allowing safe humanitarian access.

Friday, October 13, 2:00 pm (GMT +3)

PA PRESIDENT: During his meeting with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, the Palestinian Authority President warned of a humanitarian catastrophe in the Gaza Strip due to the cessation of humanitarian services.

ABU OBEIDA: The Qassam Brigades spokesman said that Israel is “too weak and cowardly to expel our people from their homes twice.”

GAZA CIVIL DEFENSE: A large number of survivors and dead bodies are still under the rubble.

UNRWA: Gaza is rapidly turning into a hellhole and is on the verge of collapse.

YEDIOTH AHRONOTH: 7 missiles fell on Sderot, 5 of which resulted in direct hits.

US SECRETARY OF DEFENSE: Lloyd Austin said that he discussed with his Israeli counterpart Yoav Gallant Israel’s measures to defend itself and its urgent security needs.

JORDAN: Thousands of Jordanians marched in solidarity with Palestine in the center of the capital, Amman.

Friday, October 13, 1:00 pm (GMT +3)

AJA: Israeli occupation forces forcefully prevent a number of Palestinians from heading to Al-Aqsa Mosque to perform Friday prayers.

HAARETZ: Israeli army balloons that were monitoring the border between Israel and Gaza crashed weeks before the Hamas attack

AJA: Al-Qassam Brigades bombed Ben Gurion Airport in response to the displacement and targeting of civilians.

GAZA’S HEALTH MINISTRY: Hospitals have begun to lose their clinical, pharmaceutical, and fuel capabilities, and worse is coming.

PUTIN: The Israeli ground operation in Gaza will lead to civilian casualties, and the most important thing is to stop the bloodshed.

AJA: Jordanian security forcefully prevents dozens of demonstrators from reaching the Jordanian border with Palestine.

UNICEF: 447 Palestinian children have been killed in Gaza so far and reports that the number is likely to rise.

AJA: Israeli artillery shelling targets the border areas in the Gaza Strip.

Friday, October 13, 12:00 pm (GMT +3)

AL-QASSAM BRIGADES: We are now directing a major strike with 150 missiles against occupied Asqalan in response to the displacement and targeting of civilians.

JORDAN: The King stressed to the US Secretary of State the necessity of opening humanitarian corridors to bring aid into Gaza.

QATAR’S FM SPOKESMAN: The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken will begin his visit to Doha by meeting with the Emir of the State of Qatar.

GAZA’S MINISTRY OF INTERIOR: Even if houses are blown up above our heads, we will not leave our homes.

IRANIAN FM: What is happening now in Gaza is considered war crimes

LEBANESE FM: We warn that the continued escalation and invasion of Gaza will ignite the entire region.

Friday, October 13, 11:00 am (GMT +3)

AJA: The Director General of Hospitals in Gaza told Aljazeera that he Israeli bombing targeted some medicine stores in the Gaza Strip. Newborn babies were killed as a result of the Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip.

Friday, October 13, 10:30am (GMT +3)

AL-QASSAM BRIGADES: 13 prisoners, including foreigners, in Israeli bombing of the northern and Gaza governorates during the past 24 hours.

Friday, October 13, 9:30am (GMT +3)

WHO: Hospitals in Gaza are reaching a point of collapse, and the arrival of medical emergency teams in the field is facing severe obstacles due to the damage inflicted by the Israeli army airstrikes on the infrastructure.

Friday, October 13, 9:00 am (GMT +3)

AJA:  3 explosions were heard in the vicinity of the Lebanese town of Dhahira on the border with Israel.

INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS: Our teams’ reports from Gaza are beyond imagination. The sequence of events is moving towards disastrous prospects. Gaza’s civilians and infrastructure must be protected at all times.

ISRAELI ARMY RADIO: Two interceptor missiles were fired north towards a target detected in the air.

Friday, October 13, 8:30 am (GMT +3)

NORWAY: Norway’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Anniken Huitfeldt, said that imposing a complete blockade on the Gaza Strip that includes water, electricity, and food is unacceptable.

Friday, October 13, 8:00 am (GMT +3)

UNRWA: The UN agency said that it has moved its central operations center and international staff to southern Gaza to continue its humanitarian operations and support its staff and Palestinian refugees.

Friday, October 13, 7:20 am (GMT +3)

GOVERNMENT’S MEDIA OFFICE IN GAZA: Warning Gazans to move from the north of the Strip to the south is false propaganda and psychological warfare.

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