Ethnic Cleansing Manifesto

Lieberman's manifesto wants the indigenous Palestinians moved out. (Wikimedia)

By Jamal Kanj

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and head of Yisrael Beitenu party published on November 28 a new manifesto outlining the party’s outlook for Israel.

The updated platform entitled “Swimming Against the Stream” posted on Lieberman’s Facebook page demanded Israeli Arabs who identify themselves as Palestinians “… to forfeit their Israeli citizenship and move and become citizens of the future Palestinian state.”

It is worth noting that the impassive “Israeli Arabs” or “Arabs” nomenclatures were invented by Zionists to avoid identifying those who remained in their homes – when Israel was forced upon them – as Palestinians. To their chagrin however, Palestinians keep reminding Zionists that “it was Israel that came to us; we did not go to Israel.”

The Israeli foreign minister further suggested that Israel should create “a system of economic incentives” to entice Palestinians to leave their homes and towns that existed before Israel itself.

Unlike this transplanted Moldavian, even South African born white leaders never dared to suggest that Black South Africans be given money to move to black South African countries.

Nevertheless, let’s for argument sake, agree with Zionism that one’s “Jewishness” trumps all other. That Jews were uniquely persecuted and gassed in Europe. Hence, the original people of historical Palestine should make way for the only Jewish nation in the world, and relocate to what Lieberman describes as “the future Palestinian state”.

Where is this “future Palestinian state”? Is it in the remaining 22 per cent of historical Palestine, otherwise known as the land occupied in 1967?

Lieberman won’t tell us.

Simply because he lives in one of the many illegal Jewish only colonies built over the same area ostensibly slated for “the future Palestinian state”. The transplanted ŽmigrŽ, like his fellow illegal settlers, has already seized 40pc of the 1967 occupied land while more than 60pc of the West Bank water is reserved exclusively for Jews.

Lieberman is an embodiment of Israel’s land grab policies that left no place for a viable Palestinian state. For this, the ex-Moldavian qualifies for inclusion on the EU list of illegal settlement’s products.

Moreover, I have no doubt that the nightclub boxer-turned Israeli foreign minister expects American taxpayers to finance his platform. The same bottomless taxpayers who paid for Israel’s withdrawal from Sinai under the Camp David accord and who advanced money for the so-called “redeployment” of Israeli army under the Oslo Accord and later the Wye River agreement.

Lieberman’s manifesto wants the indigenous Palestinians moved out but he won’t pay for it. He wants them moved to a place where 40pc of the land has been earmarked for Jewish only colonies.

Sadly, Zionists’ bigoted views are not limited to Israelis, but shared with those who enjoy Western democracies. Take for instance Rabbi Steven Pruzansky of Teaneck, New Jersey and former vice-president of the Rabbinical Council of America.

Lieberman could have plagiarised Pruzansky’s personal blog from a November 21 post calling for measures to “encourage Arab emigration – the payment of stipends, compensation for property, etc”, and asserting that the “…Arabs who dwell in the land of Israel are the enemy … and must be vanquished.”

The man of the “Jewish” God, Pruzansky, suggested that “They (Palestinians) must be made to feel that they have no future in Israel – no national future and no individual future.”

That is what the new Basic Law bill, Jewish state, intends to do.

The Zionist obsession with the presence of non-Jews in historical Palestine is as old as Israel itself. First Israeli Prime Minister, the Polish David Ben Gurion, lamented in 1948 on their failure to “clear the entire central Galilee region” of the Palestinians.

Today, the 2014 Moldavian’s manifesto calls to complete the ethnic cleansing that was started by his fellow Polish in 1948.

– Jamal Kanj ( writes regular newspaper column and publishes on several websites on Arab world issues. He is the author of “Children of Catastrophe,” Journey from a Palestinian Refugee Camp to America. He contributed this article to (A version of this article was first published by the Gulf Daily News newspaper.)

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  1. This rude and absurdity that is came out from this zionist is an outcome of Arab leaders collusion with israel and the hypocrisy of western countries

    • I couldn’t agree more,well maybe I could. But the bottom line is this, either these foreign invaders will be sent back to where they came from or the world will be plunged into world war three because of them. I sick and tired of hearing morons who call themselves leaders in our western countries saying (THERE IS NO PALESTINE) insisting we be morons ourselves,stupidity loves company I guess.All the maps I have ever seen going back to antiquity say Palestine or as the Romans would say Palestinia,yet conversely never say Israel.

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