Is Washington Mulling Diplomacy on Iran?

By Ismail Salami – Tehran

In an apparent volte-face, Obama has revealed that the US has decided to resolve the so-called Iranian nuclear dispute by means of diplomacy.

“With respect to Iran, I very much want to see a diplomatic resolution to the problem,” Obama told a White House news conference on Wednesday.

“I will try to make a push in the coming months to see if we can open up a dialogue between Iran and not just us, but the international community, to see if we can get this thing resolved,” he added.

It is not quite clear if President Barack Obama really means well or if  he can kindle any new hopes that Washington may eventually shelve its language of coercion and policy of sanctions against Iran.

In the heart of the matter however lies a pit of disbelief on the part of Iran as the nation has rarely seen in the past any gesture of goodwill on the side of Washington which has practically kept adhering to its inhumane sanctions and literature of force.

While Obama talks about diplomacy, he does not even bother to unburden his conscience by trying to have some of the anti-Iran sanctions removed, especially the sanctions which are causing silent deaths in Iran.    One of the victims of Washington’s silent assassinations was Manouchehr Ismaili-Liousi, a 15-year-old boy who suffered from hemophilia and died a few days ago due to a shortage of medicine engendered by the US-led sanctions. Contrary to what the western media have reported, this is not the first civilian death directly linked to the impact that these sanctions are having on Iran. In fact, he is the first case to be reported.  According to reports, he passed away in hospital after his family failed to find the vital medicine he needed for his disease.

It is true that medicines are not included in the US-led sanctions but the sanctions imposed on the financial sector and trade restrictions have made it extremely difficult for the ailing people to find their medicine.

Ahmad Ghavidel, the director of Iran’s hemophilia society, rightly believes that the US is to blame for the death of the Iranian teenager.

“This is against human rights … Even in wars, women and children and patients are protected by some impunity based on international treaties,” Ghavidel said.

Ghavidel says that 75% of the medicines for hemophiliac patients are made in the US and the EU, and that the Iranian patients are particularly dependent on their imports.

“Those with thalassaemia or in need of dialysis are facing difficulties too – all because of sanctions against banks or problems with transferring foreign currency.”

How many more ailing Iranians may suffer a similar fate due to the shortage of medicine is certainly of the least importance to the US government.

In a grotesquely illogical manner, the US is working on further sanctions in order to tighten its ‘economic noose’ on Iran. Republican Senator Mark Kirk, the architect of US sanctions on Iran’s banking and oil sectors, is working on new legislation that he believes would deteriorate the country’s economy.

Kirk and other lawmakers are introducing new sanctions aimed at cutting off revenues “they believe Iran is using to advance its nuclear program.”

In point of fact, this is being ferociously choreographed by those political dimwits in Washington who are resorting to Iran’s nuclear energy program as a ploy in order to deceive the already malleable public opinion and reap the benefits of their chicanery.

The scheme would include the banning of all international banks, whether private or government-owned, from conducting transactions with any Iranian bank that is in any way connected to the Central Bank of Iran.

No wonder Senator Mark Kirk is greatly admired by the Israelis who look upon him as a great friend of Israel.

While Senator Mark Kirk was still home recovering from a stroke, his presence loomed large at AIPAC in 2012.

By way of appreciating the obedient ‘son’ of Zionism, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said:

“I want to send a special message to a great friend of Israel who is not here tonight: Senator Mark Kirk, the co-author of the Kirk-Menendez Iran Sanctions Act. Senator Kirk, I know you’re watching this tonight. Please get well soon. America needs you; Israel needs you. I send you wishes for a speedy recovery. So get well and get back to work.”

So is it possible to envisage a meaningful dialogue with Washington in view of the strong Zionist lobby in the country?

Needless to say, it is Iran which has constantly indicated that it will participate in a dialogue with the US in an atmosphere of equality and mutual understanding and respect. However, Washington has not done anything to win the trust of the Islamic Republic. Instead, it has catered to the demands of Israel, intensified its sanctions and inflated its rhetoric.

As long as Washington is surrounded and politically manipulated by serpentine Zionists, there is little hope they may engage in any meaningful dialogue with the Islamic Republic.

Anyway, as the Persian saying goes, Iran cannot and should not go down into a well with the rotten rope of Washington.

-Dr. Ismail Salami contributed this article to

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