Israel Angered as Ukraine Backs UN Resolution Seeking ICJ Opinion on Occupation

srael's ambassador to Ukraine Michael Brodsky. (Photo: Scorlax, via Wikimedia Commons)

Israel’s ambassador to Ukraine has rebuked Kyiv for backing a UN resolution calling on the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to deliver an opinion on the legal consequences of Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories, The New Arab reported.

“Ukraine’s support of the UN resolution ‘Israeli Practices’, denying Jewish ties to Temple Mount and calling for ICJ advisory opinion is extremely disappointing,” Israeli envoy Michael Brodsky tweeted. “Supporting anti-Israeli initiatives in the UN doesn’t help to build trust”.

The draft resolution passed on Friday by 98-17 with 52 abstentions, amid vehement opposition from Israel. Allies of Israel, including the United States, Canada, Australia, Austria, and Germany voted against the motion.

Ukraine’s latest vote in support of ICJ involvement follows its backing of a motion urging Israel to renounce its nuclear arsenal in October.

Kyiv and Israel share close ties, however, relations have been tested over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Israel has provided intelligence to help tackle Iranian-made drones deployed by Russia but has been cautious in the extent of its support due to Russia’s active military role in neighboring Syria and sensitivities regarding the large Russian Jewish community.

Israel has also not been willing to provide Ukraine with the Iron Dome, its defensive air umbrella developed with the United States.

Ukraine’s vote on Friday also angered one of its top rabbis, who slammed the move as “an unfriendly act and even as a stab in the back – and precisely at a time when Ukraine so needs Israeli military and other assistance”.

In an open letter to Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, Rabbi Moshe Azman said the vote was “a terrible mistake that will cross out months and years of cooperation, support and negotiations” and “could undermine the efforts of all those who have worked so hard to expand aid to Israel in Ukraine.”

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  1. This antisemetism on the government level,that’s how it was always in Ykraine .Nothing change ,lessons not learned.That’s why Israel was cautious in helping them .

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