Israeli Soldier Who Killed Palestinian Toddler Mohammed Tamimi Will Not Face Disciplinary Action

Mohammad Haytham Tamim, was killed by Israeli forces near Ramallah. (Photo: via Social Media)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

The Israeli army decided that the soldier who fatally shot a two-year-old Palestinian toddler in the Nabi Saleh village will not face any disciplinary action, Israeli media reported.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that “according to an inquiry released by the IDF on Wednesday, the soldier mistakenly believed that the toddler, Mohammed Tamimi, and his father, Haitham, had fired at him”.

According to the Israeli military inquiry, “the incident was triggered by a report of shooting near the West Bank settlement Neve Zuf from a hill close to Nabi Saleh”.

2-Year-Old Palestinian Toddler Succumbs to Wounds Sustained by Israeli Gunfire

The Israeli army “admitted to deficiencies in command, control, and communication among the forces on the ground, leading to erroneous decisions.”

On June 2, Mohammed Tamimi was with his father and mother in their car when a bullet fired by soldiers hit the boy’s head and injured the father in his shoulder.

The boy was rushed to a hospital, where he remained on life support until he was pronounced dead on June 5.

Marva Tamimi, Mohammed’s mother, said that the Israeli soldiers shot her husband and son from a relatively close range, according to Haaretz. She reportedly stated that Israeli “soldiers would often hide near the yard of their house, specifically under the fence that separated the house from the road, at a distance of approximately 50 meters.”

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  1. Morality in society is at such a low point today when certain individual humans are accorded more respect than others such as in this case. The concept of human rights seems foreign and invisible to many. The “important people”, those to whom we assign more dignity and respect, are allowed to get away with murder while the victims seem to have their rights totally denied. Why is no one standing up for this boy and his family? Social sanctions are skewed toward fascism worldwide. Sick.

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