Videos: The ‘Ugly Israeli’ Tourist, Now in Eilat

Irate guest slaps hotel security officer.

Judging by the recent video clips doing the rounds on the social media networks, Israelis aren’t exactly relaxed and carefree even when on holiday: This week, days after the release of a video showing Israeli passengers on a flight to Varna almost come to blows with a flight attendant over duty-free chocolate, a new expletives-laden clip appeared, showing holidaymakers in Eilat physically and verbally abusing hotel staff.

Two brothers – Assaf and Alon Badiri from Moshav Ahisamah – were in Eilat for the weekend with their families, at the U Suites Hotel, where they had parked their two cars in spaces reserved for the disabled. The brothers were asked several times by hotel staff to move the cars, but they refused to do so, arguing that they observed the Sabbath and thus weren’t able to drive. They also refused to furnish disability cards.

One of the women also yells at the security officer, and one of the brothers curses him and threatens to smash his head open. All the while, the security officer remains behind the front desk; and at some point, one of the family members approaches him and slaps him in the face, with the sound clearly heard in the video.

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  1. Good thing they were Jews, huh? No worries about repercussions for their actions. The funny bit is, they were making a point about not driving on the Sabbath, but apparently their Sabbath observance includes screaming, swearing and slapping. There were other hotel employees, apparently scared shitless to the point of being frozen and completely worthless as far as assisting the employee being abused by these animals. Would love to see this on CNN, MSNBC, RT, Al Jazeera, etc.

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