Voices from Gaza: Two Mothers Speak to the Palestine Chronicle from the Shifa Hospital (PHOTOS)

Young Palestinian mother, Lina, caresses her injured daughter Sara’s hair at the Shifa Hospital. (Photo: Mahmoud Ajjour, The Palestine Chronicle)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

279 Palestinians were killed and over 1,900 were injured in the latest Israeli war on Gaza. Many are still in critical condition.

Palestine Chronicle correspondent in the Gaza Strip, Mahmoud Ajjour, spoke to some of the injured.

Below, are two testimonies by two Palestinian mothers, Farah and Lina, who lost loved ones and are at the Shifa Hospital in Gaza City nursing back to health their wounded children.

Farha Ibrahim Khalil Jnid:

“I was at my house. I was preparing for Iftar, as it was still Ramadan and we were all fasting. Suddenly, we heard an explosion. At the time, one of my sons was on the roof. He came running down yelling that his brothers were lying injured. 

“I rushed to the street, screaming. I immediately saw two of my children, Ibrahim and Mousa, lying motionless under the staircase of the house. Mousa was martyred and Ibrahim was badly injured in his midsection. Another one of my children, Wasim, was also wounded with shrapnel in his head. But thank God for everything. He is our guardian and protector.”

Lina al-Matrabi’i:

“We were all in our flat. It was Ramadan and we were ready to break our fast. I was preparing a meal for my family when suddenly, we heard a loud explosion and the roof collapsed on top of us. Yes, the whole roof just came down on us. I crawled, pushing furniture and debris from on top of me, to look for my child. She was injured. It turned out that her injury was serious. But she is getting better. May God defeat them (the Israelis); may God defeat them. 

“At the time, my husband was in the living room. The Israeli missile hit part of the house. Only the roof of the room in which my daughter and I were in fell down. The rest of the house did not. Of course, all the glass of the windows of the whole house shattered. I don’t know how I managed to push everything from on top of me so I could go and save my daughter. She was screaming, ‘Mama, mama’.

“I removed the debris from on top of her and carried her out of the room. Her father came rushing in. He carried her and we both ran into the street. There was no ambulance on the way or anything. We just kept on running. We ran a distance, and we were both barefoot. Then, the ambulance arrived and rushed her to the hospital. Thanks to Allah, He is our guardian and protector. Thanks to Allah. My daughter’s name is Sara, she is only four years old. Our house is in the Saraya area (in Gaza City).”

(All Photos: Mahmoud Ajjour)

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