WATCH: US Lawmaker Urges Biden to End Israel’s Expulsions of Palestinian Families

US Congresswoman Marie Newton. (Photo: via wikimedia commons)

A US Democrat lawmaker has urged the Biden Administration to put an end to Israel’s forced expulsions of Palestinian families from the West Bank, amid growing unease in the president’s party over Washington’s stance on events in the Middle East.

Illinois representative Marie Newman took to the floor of Congress to deliver an impassioned plea to end the displacement of Palestinian families, who continue to fight expulsion from the East Jarrah neighbourhood and now the al-Bustan quarter of Silwan, among other places.


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“Today I rise on behalf of the thousands of Palestinian families in the West Bank that face the prospect of eviction, demolition and displacement from their homes by the Israeli government,” she said.

“We have received word that demolition orders have already begun for homes in the al-Bustan neighborhood of Silwan in East Jerusalem.

“A few months ago, families in Sheikh Jarrah and other neighborhoods faced a similar fate. Tomorrow, others will also.

“After the devastation and bloodshed of the past a few months ago and the continued toll of the coronavirus pandemic on Palestinian families, we cannot allow these evictions, demolitions and displacements to further exacerbate this humanitarian crisis.

“It’s wrong. This crisis must end now. This is about human rights, dignity and respect. If we are ever to achieve peace in the region – a true two-state solution – there must be a mutual understanding.

“I once again urge the Biden Administration to do everything in its power to stop the evictions.”

A growing number of Democrat lawmakers and activists have criticised Biden’s lukewarm response to Israel’s aggression against Palestinians.

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  1. Just like all the other previous morally bankrupt pro-Zionist U.S. presidents, Joe Biden definitely has no intention of “putting an end” to the ongoing Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians. He doesn’t have the slightest bit of dignity nor integrity to stand up against the horrific injustices being committed against the Palestinian people (even though he vehemently pretends to be a defender of human rights).

  2. Instead, just like a typical American president, Joe Biden plays the role of a stooge who obediently and automatically fulfills the orders of his Israeli Zionist masters. At the end of the day, he surely feels quite pleased with himself, by supplying Israel with such a ridiculously enormous amount of American taxpayer money (which is being used to finance its genocidal campaign against the Palestinians) as well as arming Israel with the most sophisticated American military weapons, which are being used to commit this particular genocide.

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