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Colombia Professor Victorious in His Quest for Academic Freedom – Video

Iymen Chehade, a professor at Chicago's Columbia College.

After Iymen Chehade’s class at Columbia College Chicago was canceled, he realized that his academic freedom had been violated and skillfully protested until his class was reinstated. In this exclusive KAKE interview, Chehade discusses the importance of recognizing and fighting for academic freedom in schools across the globe. (Interviewer: Kellen Winters @_ITSKELS @_KAKEME – Filmed […]

Hamas, Fatah Agree to Form Palestinian Unity Government

Rival Palestinian leaders from the West Bank and Gaza Strip agreed Wednesday to form a unity government within five weeks. It is not the first time that the rival sides have announced a deal to end seven years of separate Palestinians administrations in the West Bank and Gaza. But the new bid by the Palestinian […]

UN Report on Palestine: Military Occupation, Apartheid, and Torture

Richard Falk.

By Ludwig Watzal The outgoing Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967, Richard A. Falk, submitted in accordance with Human Rights Council (HRC) resolution 5/1 his last report on the dire conditions under which the Palestinian people have to live.  Falk’s final presentation addresses Israeli settlements in […]

Palestinians Renew Unity Bid as Israel Talks Stall

The Palestinians have relaunched efforts to reconcile their rival leaderships in the West Bank and Gaza Strip as US-brokered peace talks with Israel teeter on the edge of collapse. A week before a nine-month target originally set for an Israeli-Palestinian deal, a Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) delegation was expected in Gaza City on Tuesday to […]

Survival Is the Saudi Key Word

US Secretary of State John Kerry during a recent visit to Saudi Arabia.(Photo: State Department/file)

By Nicola Nasser Survival is the key word to understand the Saudi dynasty’s latest external and internal policies. These are designed to pre-empt change but paradoxically they are creating more enemies in a changing world order marked by turbulent regional geopolitics and growing internal demands for change. The seventy-year old strategic oil for security US-Saudi […]

The Signing of the Palestinian Spring

Palestinians should look forward to a mass release of political prisoners detained by the PA.

By Vacy Vlazna At the low point of the farcical ‘peace’ process stalemate, President Mahmoud Abbas signed, on Tuesday 1st April 2014, letters of accession to 15 multilateral treaties and conventions, (a right gained following Palestine’s upgrade to Observer State status by the UN General Assembly back in November 2012) in defiance of Israel’s refusal […]

Boston and Baghdad

By Ralph Nader Greater Boston and its citizens are the focus of media attention in recognition of the first anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings that took three innocent lives and injured over 264 people, some of them severely. City leaders praised the heroism of the first responders and the deepened community spirit (“Boston Strong”). […]

The Idea of Israel – Book Review

The Idea Of Israel: A History Of Power And Knowledge. By Ilan Pappe.

Reviewed by Jim Miles (The Idea of Israel – A History of Power and Knowledge. Ilan Pappe. Verso/New Left Books, London, 2014.) This is a powerfully written unsettling work that relates the story of Israel from the perspective of how ideas are changed and manipulated for the benefit of the state. Unfortunately the majority of […]

US Pursues ‘Peace’ on Israel’s Terms

Martin Indyk speaking at the Aspen Institute in March 2009. (Photo: The Aspen Institute/Flickr)

By Ramzy Baroud To understand how thoughtless the latest US “peace process” drive has become, one only needs to consider some of the characters involved in this political theatre. One in particular who stands out is Martin Indyk. Indyk, a former US ambassador to Israel, was last July selected by Secretary of State John Kerry […]

Why Israeli Officials are Chuckling: The ‘Stable’ West Bank Dilemma

PA police coordinate with Israeli border police to control Palestinian access to Jerusalem at the Bethlehem checkpoint. (Photo:

By Ramzy Baroud Israel’s deputy foreign minister, Ze’ev Elkin, is a member of Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party and his predominantly rightwing cabinet. In a recent interview with The Economist, Elkin used the familiar tone of being conceited and oblivious to such notions as international or human rights, and reaffirmed his rejection of a Palestinian state. […]

What Other Torturous Measures Will They Inflict on the Tortured?

A child at Qalandiya checkpoint. (Photo: Tamar Fleishman/PC)

By Tamar Fleishman The thousands of people who arrive at Qalandiya checkpoint and its surroundings each day didn’t hold their breaths when they heard Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s announcement that “unilateral actions by the Palestinians will be responded by unilateral actions”. What other unilateral actions could the Israeli government take against the Palestinians in […]

Israeli Forces Shoot, Injure Palestinian Youth in Northern Gaza

Israeli forces shot and injured a Palestinian youth in the northern Gaza Strip on Tuesday, witnesses told Ma’an. Soldiers positioned at Erez crossing opened fire at a group of Palestinian men collecting stones from nearby fields, hitting 19-year-old Wasim Abu Audah in the leg, locals said. An Israeli army spokeswoman confirmed the shooting, saying there […]

We Are the Palestinians – A Poem


By Gary Corseri Before Moses or the Romans, Before Jesus and Muhammad, Before the Turks and the English, We dwelled in this land. We built cities out of the dust, Watered with our tears, Mortared with our joys; We fished the abundant seas, Blessed our children’s marriages In our cool olive groves. We did not […]

Israeli Police Raid Jerusalem Holy Site

Israeli soldiers and police have hurled stun grenades at Palestinian worshippers after entering the holy Haram al-Sharif compound in Jerusalem. Violence erupted on Sunday morning after Israeli police opened one of the walled compound’s gates to non-Muslim visitors after dawn prayers. The Palestinians had remained in the courtyard of the al-Aqsa mosque in anticipation of […]

3-hour Israel-PLO Meeting Ends

A three-hour meeting between Israeli and Palestinian negotiators held without the presence of US envoy Martin Indyk on Sunday ended without clear signs of progress. PLO sources said Israeli negotiator Tzipi Livni demanded that the Palestinians withdraw their applications for international treaties because the Israelis considered it a unilateral step. The demand was rejected by […]

Thousands Run the Palestine Marathon in Bethlehem

More than 3,000 runners from around the world took part in the second annual Palestine Marathon on Friday, passing the Israeli separation wall and curbing around checkpoints on the 42-kilometer (26 miles) course. The marathon is held under the banner “Right to Movement” in order to highlight Israeli obstacles to freedom of movement in the […]

In One Word: Poof!

Kerry had not the slightest idea of what he was getting himself into. (Photo: WAFA/file)

By Uri Avnery Poor John Kerry. This week he emitted a sound that was more expressive than pages of diplomatic babble. In his testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations committee he explained how the actions of the Israeli government had torpedoed the “peace process”. They broke their obligation to release Palestinian prisoners, and at the […]

Israeli Forces Injure Four Palestinians in Shootings near Gaza Border

Four Palestinians were injured across the Gaza Strip on Thursday as Israeli forces opened fire in two incidents and fired a tank shell into the besieged Palestinian enclave, medical sources said. A young Palestinian was shot and injured by Israeli forces east of Jabaliya refugee camp north of Gaza on Thursday afternoon. Spokesman for the […]

Archbishop Condemns Israeli Restrictions on Easter Pilgrims

Orthodox Archbishop Atallah Hanna condemned Israeli authorities on Thursday for imposing obstacles on Christians wishing to enter the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem to celebrate the upcoming Christian holiday of Easter. “It is the right of every Christian to reach the Church of the Holy Sepulchre without facing any obstacles, or impediments,” Hanna […]

‘Reality Check’: US Empire beyond Salvation

The neocons' drunkenness with military power led to costly wars that have overwhelmed the empire beyond salvation. (Photo: Zoriah -

By Ramzy Baroud U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry couldn’t hide his frustration anymore as the U.S.-sponsored peace process continued to falter. After eight months of wrangling to push talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority forward, he admitted while in a visit to Morocco on April 4 that the latest setback had served as […]

What Middle East Crisis? Peace Process as a Successful US Investment

(Photo: Niño Jose Heredia/ Gulf News)

By Ramzy Baroud Crisis seemed to loom large as Palestinian National Authority President Mahmoud Abbas signed applications to join 15 international treaties on April 1. The decision prompted irate reactions from Israel, and sent US Secretary of State John Kerry into panic mode, unsuccessfully attempting to salvage the peace process. Yet something is strangely familiar […]

If Kerry Fails, What Then?

US Secretary of State John Kerry. (Photo: Via Aljazeera)

By Sam Bahour and Tony Klug Suppose the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, fails to cajole the Israeli and Palestinian leaders into finally ending their conflict. What would happen next? A tsunami of pent-up animosities is likely to be unleashed, with each side holding the other responsible for the failure and calling for retribution. […]

Not to Be an American Indian – A Poem

In a poem that he wrote and gave me forty years ago, my friend Jack B wrote about what it was like to be an American Indian. For him, and for so many other American Indians, the experience was devastating. Treated like vermin, and discounted as if they had no identity, so many lost hope. […]

Israel, PLO Still at Odds as US Reviews Peace Push

Israeli and Palestinian negotiators remained at odds on Tuesday on how to salvage teetering peace talks as Washington prepared to review the scale of its involvement in the troubled process. The two sides met US envoy Martin Indyk late on Monday and are to meet him again on Wednesday, a Palestinian source told AFP. But […]

Palestine’s Nasty Neighbor – Peace, Brother ..

Palestine delivered a letter asking to become a party to the Geneva Conventions. (Photo: UN/file)

By Stuart Littlewood US-brokered negotiations with Israel, which started on 29 July 2013 and were to last nine months, are nearing their ignominious end. And Israel, the serial defaulter that it is, has reneged on the agreed release of 104 pre-Oslo prisoners in exchange for Palestine’s postponing joining international organizations to help achieve their long-overdue […]

Living in a Fantasy World, or How to Write About Palestine for Mainstream Media

'Pretend that the United States is an 'honest broker' ..'

By Roger Sheety As U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry shuttles from one country to another in a (seemingly) desperate, last-minute attempt to save the latest round of fake “peace” talks between Israelis and Palestinians from collapsing, mainstream media journalists are dutifully following him around, reporting on his every utterance as if the fate of […]

Israel Warns Palestine of Unilateral Action

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, has threatened to take unilateral action against Palestinians, if they press ahead with moves towards statehood. “These will only make a peace agreement more distant,” Netanyahu said of applications the Palestinians made on Tuesday to adhere to 15 international treaties. “Any unilateral moves they take will be answered by […]

Clashes in Palestinian Camp in South Lebanon Kill Five

Five Palestinians were killed on Monday in clashes between two armed groups in the Palestinian Mieh Mieh refugee camp in southern Lebanon, a medical source told AFP. “Five dead and more than 20 injured were brought to hospital after clashes between armed groups,” the source in the Palestinian Red Crescent hospital in the southern city […]

Turkey’s Very Own Sun King

By Jeremy Salt Turkey is in a turbulent and uncertain state.  Street demonstrations are crushed with tear gas and water cannon. Protesters are killed without one policeman being convicted. A 15-year-old boy dying 269 days after being hit in the head by a tear gas canister is called a member of a terrorist organization by […]

‘For Me, Palestine is Paradise’ – Interview with Leila Khaled

A mural of Leila Khaled on Israel's separation wall in Bethlehem. (Photo: Wikimedia commons)

Frank Barat is an activist based in Belgium and is one of the former coordinators of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine. He recently conducted an interview with Leila Khaled for “The Wall has Ears: Conversations for Palestine.” Leila Khaled is a former resistance fighter with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Born in […]

"The Palestine Chronicle is a beacon. History, witness, analysis and ways forward are here, written with authority and humanity. Long may it publish." — John Pilger.
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