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Palestinians See More of the Same: Interview with Ramzy Baroud

President Trump has offered mixed signals about precisely what his attitude toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will be, but Palestinians see little prospects for meaningful improvement, reports Dennis J Bernstein. By Dennis J Bernstein Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent visit to Washington reaffirmed one thing in terms of U.S./Israeli relations: that not much will change […]

The Trump-Netanyahu Circus: Now, No One Can Save Israel from Itself

By Ramzy Baroud The President of the United States can hardly be taken seriously, saying much but doing little. His words, often offensive, carry no substance, and it is impossible to summarize his complex political outlook about important issues. This is precisely the type of American presidency that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prefers. However, […]

Trump Has Reminded Palestinians That It was Always about One State

By Jonathan Cook – Nazareth For more than 15 years, the Middle East “peace process” initiated by the Oslo accords has been on life support. Last week, United States president Donald Trump pulled the plug, whether he understood it or not. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu could barely stifle a smile as Trump demoted the […]

Barghouthi, Longest-serving Palestinian Prisoner Resentenced to Life in Prison Plus 18 years

Nael Barghouthi, the longest-serving Palestinian prisoner, was sentenced on Wednesday by an Israeli military court to life in prison with an additional 18-year sentence, according to the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS). PPS said in a statement that the court had ruled that Barghouthi, 59, was to serve the remainder of his previous sentence received prior […]

26 Oscar Stars Turn Down Free 5-star Trip to Israel

Hollywood stars including Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon were amongst Oscar celebrities who were offered luxury trips to Israel; however none have taken advantage of the offer. The offers were for $55,000 personalized trips and came as part of the gift bags handed out to a host of famous faces at the prestigious awards ceremony. […]

Israeli Settlers Threaten Bedouins in Jordan Valley

Israeli settlers raided a Bedouin community in the Khallat Hamad area of the northern Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank and threatened local Palestinians on Sunday, a day after a herd of sheep belonging to one of the community’s residents was attacked. Local activist Muataz Bisharat, who monitors settlement-related activities in the Jordan Valley, […]

Israeli Minister Moves to Revoke Citizenship of Palestinian Charged with Murder

Israel’s Interior Minister and founder of the ultra-orthodox Shas party, Aryeh Deri, has officially begun the process of attempting to revoke the citizenship of a Palestinian citizen of Israel who has been accused of carrying out a “nationalistically-motivated” shooting in January, despite the fact that the trial and sentencing over the case has yet to […]

Palestinians Discuss Development of Gas Field with Shell

The Palestinian Investment Fund (PIF) announced on Monday that it has been discussing the development of Gaza Marine Gas Field with Shell, Anadolu has reported. Gaza Marine is about 30km off the coast of the Gaza Strip in the eastern Mediterranean; it is estimated to contain about 28 million cubic meters of gas. British Gas […]

Israeli Court to Decide on Release of Veteran Palestinian Prisoner

The Israeli court of Ofer is scheduled to decide, next Wednesday, on the appeal filed against Palestinian prisoner Nael al-Barghouthi, 59, by Israeli Attorney General in protest of the court’s previous ruling which sentenced him to 30 months of actual imprisonment,  PIC reported. Palestinian Prisoner Society quoted the wife of detainee Barghouthi as saying, “Israeli […]

Elor Azarya Sentenced to 1.5 Years in Prison for Killing Wounded Palestinian

After being found guilty of manslaughter for the filmed, execution-style shooting of 21-year-old Abd al-Fattah al-Sharif, 20-year-old Israeli soldier Elor Azarya was sentenced to 18 months in prison, a year’s probation, and a demotion in his military rank on Tuesday. The prosecution had sought a three- to five-year prison sentence for the killing, with the […]

Music Band Typo Rocks Gaza

Gaza’s first rock band was formed in 2012 and is still considered the first band in the besieged Strip to have released a full album. Lead singer and guitarist Mohammed Zohud and his friend initially formed the band which expanded to five members. “We formed a unique band made up of experienced instrument players,” he […]

Israeli Forces Destroy UNICEF-funded Water Pipeline in Jordan Valley

Israeli forces demolished a water pipeline in the Jordan Valley region of the occupied West Bank on Monday, after the same pipeline was destroyed earlier this month, according to local sources. Muataz Bisharat, a local official who monitors Israeli activities in the Jordan Valley, told Ma’an that Israeli bulldozers destroyed the eight-and-a-half kilometers pipeline running […]

Israeli Court Sentences Palestinian Boy with Leukemia to 3 Months in Prison

The Israeli military court at Ofer prison sentenced 15-year-old Ahmad al-Khadour to 91 days in prison and a 3,000-shekel fine (approximately $810), after the boy was accused of throwing rocks at Israeli soldiers. The sentencing came despite Ahmad’s family’s and rights groups’ extreme concern regarding the boy’s health due to his chronic illnesses — including […]

Netanyahu Turned Down Regional Peace Initiative Last Year: Former US Officials

Israel’s prime minister turned down a regional peace initiative last year that was brokered by then-US secretary of state John Kerry, former US officials confirmed. The revelation, first reported by the Haaretz daily, was in apparent contradiction to Benjamin Netanyahu’s stated goal of involving regional Arab powers in resolving Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians. Netanyahu […]

Israeli University to be Established on Occupied Palestinian Land in the West Bank

Israeli forces leveled Palestinian lands in Mesha village, to the west of Salfit province, in favor of illegal settlement expansion, the PIC reported. Head of Mesha village council, Sabah Amer, said “Palestinian lands have been increasingly seized and leveled by the Israeli occupation forces and authorities as part of underway endeavors to expand the Qana […]

Netanyahu: Trump and I Agreed to Establish settlements Team

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, on Sunday said that he and US President Donald Trump “have agreed to establish a team to examine the Jewish settlement enterprise in the West Bank,” the PNN reported. “We agreed to establish teams on many issues, even on issues we did not reach an agreement on in the past. I […]

Israel and the UN Are Allies in Colonial Endeavors

By Ramona Wadi News that Tzipi Livni could be nominated for the post of UN under-secretary-general was overshadowed swiftly by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s meeting with Donald Trump. It is safe to say that even the most elementary norms have long been shunned by the international institution, despite the unabashed pontificating at its manipulated […]

Petition: UK Government Should Apologize to Palestinians for Balfour Declaration

The Balfour Apology Campaign (BAC) has launched a petition which calls on the British government to apologize for the Balfour Declaration that lead to the colonization of Palestine that continues to this day. BAC also called on the British government to lead peace efforts in Palestine. The campaign, which was initiated by the UK-based Palestinian […]

The Kiss of Life – A Poem

By Chris Lane is a cold plunge from the womb to a mother’s warm breast for kittens and kids the lick of a rasping tongue for desert life, rare droplets of water for chimps clasping hands. living is an enormous void an incalculable, unpredictable present a confusion of choices simply given, simply taken away. one […]

Record Number of Palestinian Homes Destroyed by Israel in 2016: Rights Group

In 2016, Israeli authorities had sped up demolishing homes of Palestinians in the occupied territories, Israeli rights group B’Tselem reported. The number was the highest in 12 years, during which the group kept systematic statistics of the demolitions. B’Tselem says the demolitions campaign intensified in August 2015 and unofficially halted later in the year, only […]

Lieberman Promises Gaza Ports in Exchange for Captive Soldiers

Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman said yesterday that his government is willing to allow the Palestinians to have a seaport and airport in Gaza, as well as industrial areas and the creation of 40,000 jobs in the enclave. The right-wing minister set a number of conditions for this, including the return of two Israeli soldiers […]

Explainer: Israel-Palestine Conflict, the Two-state Solution (VIDEO)

What is a two-state solution; what is a one-state solution; and why are they now at the heart of the Palestine-Israeli discussion? (Al Jazeera)

Israel Threatens to Attack Lebanon in Response to Nasrallah Statements

Israel’s minister of intelligence has threatened to “hit all of Lebanon” in the event that Hezbollah acts on its threats to bomb the Zionist state. “If Nasrallah dares to fire at the Israel homefront or at its national infrastructure, all of Lebanon will be hit,” warned Yisrael Katz. The minister’s comments were made in response […]

Hamas: Israel Not Serious about New Prisoner Exchange Deal

The Hamas movement said on Friday that Israeli authorities were not showing seriousness in creating a new prisoner exchange deal for Israelis held by Hamas and Palestinians imprisoned in Israel. Spokesperson of the movement, Hazem Qassem said that the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, had received Israeli offers through intermediates last […]

Hezbollah Chief Threatens to Target Israeli Nuke Plant

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah today called on Israel to dismantle its Dimona nuclear reactor, threatening to target the facility with rockets if Israel failed to comply. “I urge the enemy [Israel] to shut its ammonia tank in Haifa and dismantle its Dimona nuclear reactor [in the Negev Desert],” Nasrallah said in a televised speech. “The […]

A Long Fight: Gaza Man Succumbs to Wounds He Sustained as a Teen in 2005

A Palestinian man in the Gaza Strip succumbed on Thursday to wounds he sustained by Israeli forces in 2005 — when he was 18 years old — according to locals. Samed Fahmi Abu Shanab, 29, from the al-Amal neighborhood of western Khan Yunis City in the southern Gaza Strip was being treated in Egyptian hospitals […]

Palestinian Authority Supports Trump’s Call for Israeli Settlements ‘Pullback’, Wary of ‘One State’ Idea

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas fully supports Donald Trump’s call on Israel to “pull back” on settlement expansion, but is yet to comment on a trending idea that a peace deal might not necessarily include an independent Palestinian state. The Palestinian presidency “demands that [Israelis] agree to [Trump’s call] and that of the international community, […]

When Israel and Britain Celebrate the Historical Trauma of Palestinians

By Dr. Samah Jabr After 100 years, Britain seems to be at the same moral stage as it was when UK Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour wrote to a leader of the British Jewish community, Baron Rothschild, promising the establishment of a “national home” for the Jewish people in Palestine. Instead of making redress and creating […]

Improvement at PSC, but Two-States Idea is Not Palestinian

By Blake Alcott Fortunately the UK’s large Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) seems to be expanding its range of interest. Formerly focusing its attention and actions disproportionately on the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, its most recent Annual General Meeting (AGM) in January 2017 devoted more space to the Palestinians in Israel and those […]

Israeli Minister Says Netanyahu and Trump to Discuss Palestinian State in Sinai and Gaza

An Israeli minister claimed on Tuesday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Donald Trump will discuss a proposal put forward by Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi to establish a Palestinian state in the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula. Such a state would not include the West Bank, said Ayoob Kara of the Likud Party. […]

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