For the Conference on the Israel Lobby – Press Blackout at the Press Club

Jeffrey Blankfort - Are there Israel lobby gatekeepers and damage control squads on the Left?

By Ralph Nader Following the heavy coverage of AIPAC’s (the virulently pro-Israeli government lobby) multi-day annual Washington convention in March, the mainstream media might have been interested for once in covering alternative viewpoints like those discussed at the April 10th conference “The Israel Lobby: Is it Good for the US? Is it Good for Israel?”. […]

My Missing Family in Syria: Naming and Shaming in Yarmouk

Yarmouk refugee camp was established in 1957, nearly a decade after the Nakba – the 'Catastrophe' of 1948. (MEE)

By Ramzy Baroud Members of my family in Syria’s Yarmouk went missing many months ago. We have no idea who is dead and who is alive. Unlike my other uncle and his children in Libya, who fled the NATO war and turned up alive but hiding in some desert a few months later, my uncle’s […]

Saudi Equivocal Intervention in Yemen


By Mohamed El Mokhtar For the sake of historical truth, it is important to recall that Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has traditionally and consistently supported the harsh repression of Houthi rebels under the previous regime and as a result, prevented the question from being settled at a time where their demands were politically circumscribed and […]

Yarmouk – A Timeline of Suffering

A malnourished child cries in the Yarmouk camp for Palestinians on the outskirts of the Syrian capital Damascus. (IRIN)

The UN Security Council has demanded access to the camp after IS (formerly known as ISIS) entered and were reported to be executing opposition fighters. The United Nations’ agency for Palestinians (UNRWA) has called for the protection of the estimated 18,000 people still living in the camp, with the organization’s commissioner-general Pierre Krahenbuhl describing the situation as “one of the most severe ever.” As […]

HRW: Settlement Agriculture Using Palestinian Child Labor

Palestinian children posing for a photo as they take a break from work near Qalandiya. (Tamar Fleishman, PalestineChronicle)

Israeli settlement farms in the occupied West Bank are using Palestinian child labor to grow, harvest and pack agricultural produce, much of it for export, Human Rights Watch said in a report released Monday. The farms pay the children low wages and subject them to dangerous working conditions in violation of international standards. The 74-page […]

Variations – A Poem

Metaphor for Palestine (Ramona Wadi, supplied)

By Ramona Wadi reciting the vacillations of exile in decades marked by the erosion of twilight a sonorous punctuation of language lacerated by fire and bludgeoning touching nothing but memory an insatiable horizon, mingling with hands that caress remnants of earth divided by fabricated impositions barriers on indigenous terrain a constant recital of language in […]

Memories of Land and the Mind

Land Day commemorates the events of 30 March, 1976.

By Samah Jabr Land Day commemorates the events of 30 March, 1976 when Palestinians from the Galilee to the Negev organized a massive strike to protest against the Israeli confiscation of land, ostensibly for security and settlement purposes; many were subsequently arrested or killed. This became a central incident in the history of the struggle […]

Help Us – Like Freedom, Truthful Journalism is Priceless

International Women's Day at Qalandiya checkpoint, West Bank (Tamar Fleishman, Palestine Chronicle)

The Palestine Chronicle started 15 years ago as a small independent website with a readership of hundreds that has since morphed to literally millions. This small movement with a modest budget but lots of heart has made a significant mark on the world and on worldwide public opinion about the rights and aspirations of Palestinians […]

Standing Firm amid the Ruins: Blind Brothers Fight for Justice in Jeruslaem

Nureed Amro and his son Mohammed in front of their destroyed home. (Bill Dienst, Palestine Chronicle)

By Dr. Bill Dienst Wadi Joz neighbourhood (immediately Northeast of the Old City of Jerusalem) – Nureddin Amro and his brother Sharif Amro are humble men. Both were born with retinitis pigmentosa, a congenital (genetic) condition, which has left them blind since birth. They are both married, Nureddin has three young children, Sharif has four; […]

The Collapse of the Obama Doctrine: Yemen War as an Opportunity?

Even a 'clean' drone war activated from faraway places is rarely enough to guarantee results.

By Ramzy Baroud To suggest that the United States policies in Yemen were a “failure” is an understatement. It implies that the US had at least attempted to succeed. But “succeed” at what? The US drone war had no other objective aside from celebrating the elimination of whomever the US hit list designates as a terrorist. But […]

Islamophobia and Fraudulent Scholarship: The Unraveling of Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Hirsi Ali's obsession with demographics and birth rates illustrates her Islamophobia.

By Roger Sheety In a recent full-length essay for Time magazine titled “Beware of Michiganistan,” Ayaan Hirsi Ali warned in grave, apocalyptic terms of Muslim “above-average birth rates” and, therefore, of a coming “demographic change” and corresponding increase of “extremism” particularly in Europe and the U.S. From its bigoted title to her habit of referencing […]

Netanyahu to Stage hunger Strike against World Peace – Satire

In a last ditch effort to block an impending nuclear deal between Western powers and Iran, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced today, April 1, he will immediately begin an open-ended hunger strike against world peace. During his strike Netanyahu will only be eating fresh fruit. His wife Sara will join him, choosing a completely […]

Eight Urgent ‘Musts’ Needed for Palestinians to Defeat Apartheid

There is no need or time for despair. In fact, the opposite is true. (

By Ramzy Baroud Waiting on Israeli society to change from within is a colossal waste of time, during which the suffering of an entire nation – torn between an occupied home and a harsh diaspora – will not cease. But what are Palestinians and the supporters of a just peace in Palestine and Israel to […]

In Politics, Talk is Cheap

I wish Obama is serious about supporting justice and self-determination for the Palestinians. (

By Hasan Afif El-Hasan White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough reminds the Palestinian people of a lesson they learnt the hard way from the empty rhetoric and broken promises made by their own leaders and their so called “Arab brothers”, during their on-going struggle against the Zionist colonialists. “Talk is cheap and only actions […]

Land Day: A Day of Reckoning, 39 Years Later

Land Day, 1978. (Gidon Gitai)

By Jamal Kanj If you are like me, I am sure you are tired of reading about the results of the last Israeli election. Or on Benjamin Netanyahu’s Hebrew pledge running up to the election and his flip-flopped English version after winning the election. I want instead to highlight the native Palestinian Israeli citizens who […]

Taking the Long Run in Palestine

A woman runs in the early evening near Ramallah in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. (Annie Slemrod, IRIN)

By Annie Slemrod On a crisp Ramallah evening, much of the city appears to be tucked inside the city’s cafes sipping hot tea. But 20 runners are shaking off the chill and loosening up for one of their last jaunts before the third annual Palestine Marathon. Tomorrow, the Ramallah team and this writer will join […]

Netanyahu the Mythbuster: ‘Special Relationship’ No More

Israeli myths promoted as facts by Israel supporters are falling apart. (US State Department)

By Ramzy Baroud Imagine if an American presidential candidate made a plea to his supporters on election day with the following statement: “The Republican administration is in danger. Black voters are going en masse to the polls. Liberal NGOs are bringing them on buses.” Even in a country where Chris Matthews is a media celebrity […]

For Hamza: Arms Sanctions against Israel’s Everyday Terrorism

A flattened neighborhood in Gaza as a result of the Israeli war. (Mohammed Abed, supplied)

“By This is for the child that is searching for an answer, I wish I could take your tears and replace them with laughter, Long live Palestine, Long live Gaza!” – Lowkey By  Vacy Vlazna Meet little Hamza Mus’ab Almadani of Khan Younis, Gaza. Look carefully, look tenderly, don’t turn away. Please don’t turn away […]

West Punished Palestine When It Voted Freely; Endorses Israel’s Vote for Occupation

The need is still greater than ever to have one banner, one message, and one demand for remedial action.

By Ghada Ageel The 2006 elections were an amazing demonstration of Palestinian democracy in its multi-coloured beauty. The people under occupation expressed their determination to resist Israel’s attempt to force them to surrender through its colonisation efforts, expansionist strategies and racism. And the people have kept their word. Even where there is occupation with its […]

Netanyahu’s ‘Flip-Flop’ and the Willful Blindness of the Mainstream Media

Israeli myths promoted as facts by Israel supporters are falling apart. (US State Department)

By Jeremy R. Hammond   When Benjamin Netanyahu declared this week that he would work to prevent a Palestinian state from being established if reelected as Israeli Prime Minister, the mainstream media described it as a “reversal” from a policy speech he gave in 2009, in which he ostensibly expressed support for a two-state solution. […]

International Women’s Day at Qalandiya

(All photos: Tamar Fleishman, Palestine Chronicle)

By Tamar Fleishman Around a thousand Palestinian women and some men marched on the main road leading from Ramallah to Qalandiya checkpoint. The women waved Palestinian flags and held posters and photos of relatives that had been killed by the IDF. The checkpoint was closed for passage. The gates were locked. For a moment it […]

Israel Votes Apartheid

Nothing will stop the imminent entrenchment of a tide of new Apartheid laws. (Tamar Fleishman, Palestine Chronicle)

By Neve Gordon Benjamin Netanyahu is truly a magician. Just this past Friday, most polls indicated that his Likud party would likely receive around 21 seats in the Israeli Knesset, four seats less than Yitzhak (Bougie) Herzog’s Zionist Camp (Labor Party’s new name). Revelations of corruption at the Prime Minister’s residence followed by a damning […]

Netanyahu’s Victory: Now What President Obama?

It ought to be obvious to all that Obama now as only two options. (WH)

By Alan Hart “Love him (Netanyahu) or hate him, this is the face of Israel.” That’s how Uriel Heilman concluded an article for the JTA (Jewish Telegraph Agency) on Netanyahu’s election victory after noting that he had shown his true colors by declaring that there would be no Palestinian state while he is in charge. […]

‘Islamic State’ as a Western Phenomenon: Reimagining the IS Debate

No matter how one attempts to wrangle with the rise of IS, it just doesn't add up.

By Ramzy Baroud It is as if leaders of the so-called “Islamic State” (IS) are getting tips on demonising Muslims from world leading Islamophobes and as if they are trying to live up to the expectations of hate-mongering organisations like that of Pamela Geller’s American Freedom Defense Initiative, whose latest ads all over San Francisco […]

US Opens up to Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, Syria, and Iran

Robert Malley was Obama's colleague at Harvard Law School. (ABC)

By Nicola Nasser The appointment of Robert Malley as White House Coordinator for the Middle East, North Africa and the Gulf Region is not considered a sufficient indicator that there will be any radical change in U.S. strategy despite the campaign launched against the U.S. by the Zionists due to its openness to Hamas, the […]

Obama and the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas with US President Barack Obama during a visit to Ramallah. (WAFA, file)

By William James Martin Former President, Nobel Laureate, and founder of the Carter Center, Jimmy Carter, was conspicuously absent from the podium at the National Democratic Conventions in 2008 and 2012 in which Barak Obama was nominated by the Democratic Party for the US Presidency. Reasonable speculation for Carter’s absence is that Obama felt Carter’s […]

Will Israeli Voters Do the Right Thing?

The need is still greater than ever to have one banner, one message, and one demand for remedial action.

All opinion polls published on Friday in Israel, the last date on which it is allowed to publish them prior to Tuesday’s general election, give more or less the same results: Isaac Herzog’s Zionist Camp is leading Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud by three to four seats (25-26 seats for Hertzog, 21-22 to Netanyahu), while Aymen Odeh’s […]

How Blair’s Egyptian Gas Gambit Advances Israeli Energy Empire


This week, Egypt signed a landmark $12bn deal with British Petroleum (BP) to develop the country’s offshore natural gas resources. The West Nile Delta project aims to bring the gas onshore for domestic consumption within two years, with a view to help solve the country’s ongoing energy crisis. But the BP deal, which also includes […]

Islamic State as a Western Phenomenon?


Not only is IS to a degree an alien movement in the larger body politic of the Middle East, it also seems to be a partly western phenomenon, a hideous offspring resulting from western neocolonial adventures in the region, coupled with alienation and demonisation of Muslim communities in western societies. By “Western phenomenon,” I refrain […]

10 Years after Modest Launch, Israeli Apartheid Week Spans the Globe

Campaign's participants and observers agree that its staying power is among its core strengths.

By Joe Catron In March 2005, the Arab Students’ Collective, a campus organisation at the University of Toronto, held a series of local events to support Palestinians and protest Israeli policies. Hoping to broaden debate at the end of the second Intifada and on the eve of Israel’s redeployment of ground forces and settlers from […]

The Free Zone | Blog

  • April 16, 2015

    20 Palestinian Journalists Being Held in Israeli Jails

    Israeli forces arrested a Palestinian journalist on Wednesday after raiding his home in Nablus, bringing the total number of journalists imprisoned by Israel to 20. - Amin Abdul Aziz Abu Wardeh, 48, is the general manager of the Asda news website, the Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms said. - Abu Wardeh's wife told MADA that Israeli forces raided their home at around 2 a.m. and interrogated Amin in... More →
  • April 16, 2015

    Leading NY Institutions Discuss the Nakba — and There is Not a Palestinian in Sight

    In the last few weeks two liberal New York institutions, The New York Times and the 92d Street Y, have published discussions about a central Palestinian experience– the Nakba, or catastrophe that accompanied the creation of Israel in 1948– and in these three discussions, there was not a Palestinian in sight. Though three or four Zionists got to weigh in on the issue. - Of course non-Palestinians have the right to... More →
  • April 16, 2015

    Rand Paul Moves to Ban Aid to Palestinians Until ICC Bid Withdrawn

    United States Senator Rand Paul has introduced a Congressional bill that would cut off assistance to the Palestinian Authority so long as it seeks admission to the International Criminal Court. - The so-called "Defend Israel by Defunding Palestinian Foreign Aid Act of 2015" was the second anti-Palestinian bill introduced by Paul in as many years, according to the National Journal. Last year, he introduced the "Stand... More →
  • April 16, 2015

    Israel's High Court Upholds Controversial 'Boycott Law'

    The Israeli High Court rejected a petition by human rights organizations, upholding the controversial “boycott law” on Wednesday. The law give grounds for individuals to sue anyone who calls for a boycott of Israel, or areas under its control. - The court struck down only one section of the law, which establishes that one may seek punitive damages for a deliberate call to boycott without needing to prove actual... More →
  • April 15, 2015

    PA Continues to Arrest Palestinian Students

    The Palestinian Authority's security services continue to detain former Islamic bloc representative at the American University in Jenin Tahir Ahmad Nawahda for the seventh day in a row. - A Hamas statement issued yesterday noted that Nawahda was arrested by the Preventive Security Service shortly after he was released from an Israeli jail, where he was held for 16 months. He was later released again, then re-arrested a... More →
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