Israeli Role in Syrian Conflict Brought into the Open

Several recent developments have brought the Israeli role into the open.

By Nicola Nasser Overtly, the Israeli superpower of the Middle East has been keen to posture as having no role whatsoever in the four-year old devastating conflict in Syria, where all major regional and international powers are politically and militarily deeply involved and settling scores by Syrian blood. In his geopolitical weekly analysis, entitled “The […]

The Unspeakable in Afghanistan

Kabul, Afghanistan. (

By Patrick Kennelly – Kabul 2014 marks the deadliest year in Afghanistan for civilians, fighters, and foreigners. The situation has reached a new low as the myth of the Afghan state continues. Thirteen years into America’s longest war, the international community argues that Afghanistan is growing stronger, despite nearly all indicators suggesting otherwise. Most recently, […]

Pro-Palestine Parliaments: Hopes and Danger

European Parliament has missed a rare opportunity to be relevant. (Via PressTV)

By John V. Whitbeck European parliamentary resolutions urging their governments to recognize the State of Palestine must be followed by actual recognitions of the State of Palestine The European Parliament, after a late compromise in pursuit of consensus, has now passed, by a vote of 498 to 88 with 111 abstentions, a resolution stating that […]

US Feels the Heat on Palestine Vote at UN

Arabs met Kerry in an effort to persuade Washington not to exercise its veto. (Via Aljazeera/file)

By Jonathan Cook – Nazareth The floodgates have begun to open across Europe on recognition of Palestinian statehood. On Friday the Portuguese parliament became the latest European legislature to call on its government to back statehood, joining Sweden, Britain, Ireland, France and Spain. In coming days similar moves are expected in Denmark and from the […]

Whitewashing CIA Torture: ‘We Are (not so) Awesome’ after All

There is little evidence to show that such 'awesomeness' will cease anytime soon.

By Ramzy Baroud “This is not who we are. This is not how we operate,” were the words of President Barack Obama commenting on the grisly findings of a long-awaited congressional report on the use of torture by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). But what if this is exactly who we are? The report […]

How the Media Whitewashed the Murder of Ziad Abu Ein

Abu Ein was a ranking member of the Fatah revolutionary council. (MEE)

By Jamal Kanj Israel has just committed another high-profile murder in the West Bank killing 55-year-old Ziad Abu Ein, a minister without portfolio in the Palestinian government. According to the BBC, he ‘was among dozens of foreign and Palestinian activists taking part in a protest against land confiscations.’ Abu Ein was in charge of monitoring […]

NATO’s General Breedlove about the Long War

General Philip Mark Breedlove, the seventeenth Supreme Allied Commander Europe. (CBC)

By Jim Miles Evan Solomon, of CBC’s The House, recently had an interview with NATO’s current leading figure, four star General Philip Mark Breedlove, the seventeenth Supreme Allied Commander Europe.   It was a fairly benign interview with no hard questions posed to the most powerful person in Europe. The answers were much more rational than […]

Herzl’s Vision Realized: Israel as ‘Outpost of Western Civilisation in Asia’

Western countries have used Israel to advance Western imperial interests, with remarkable levels of hypocrisy and racism. (WH)

By Chandra Kumar The central role of the Zionist movement in the establishment of Israel and in the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their land and homes from 1947-49 is often noted by Israel’s critics. But let us not blame it all on Zionism; in particular, let’s not pretend that the Western […]

Drones and Discrimination: Kick the Habit

Each time I’ve left a U.S. prison, I’ve felt as though I was leaving the scene of a crime. (

By Kathy Kelly On December 10, International Human Rights Day, federal Magistrate Matt Whitworth sentenced me to three months in prison for having crossed the line at a military base that wages drone warfare. The punishment for our attempt to speak on behalf of trapped and desperate people, abroad, will be an opportunity to speak […]

Eyewitness Account; Death of Ziad Abu Ein, ‘Choked’ by Israeli Soldier

Despite the fact he was a high-ranking official, he often attended local grassroots events. (Oren Ziv/MEE)

By Oren Ziv Today in the West Bank village of Turmus Aya, I attended a protest marking International Human Rights Day. Protesters marched in the direction of the illegal settlement, Adei Ad, which sits just beyond the outlying farm land of Turmus Ays. In recent months, many attacks by suspected right-wing Jewish settlers were carried […]

‘I Can’t Breathe’: Racism and War in America and Beyond

Eric Garner; Michael Brown; Ezell Ford. The list goes on.. (Family photo via Facebook; YouTube screenshot; KTLA screenshot)

By Ramzy Baroud America’s ruling elites are blatant in their intentions of maintaining “white privilege” at home and economic dominance by military means abroad. Their “democracy” in both of these regions is a ruse, and it is yet to deliver any degree of social justice and equality to the millions of disadvantaged Americans which are […]

Israel’s Upcoming Election: Why It Doesn’t Matter

Netanyahu likes hearing the sound of his own voice delivering orations at the UN or before Congress. (C-SPAN)

By Richard Silverstein What if they called an election and nobody came? That’s about what I feel about the coming March election, which Bibi Netanyahu has precipitated for no apparent reason other than to prolong his record as the longest serving Israeli prime minister. At this rate, he’ll be embalmed in the prime minister’s office in Jerusalem like […]

The ‘Anti-terror’ Law: Israel Outdoes Itself, again

(Apartheid = democracy; terrorism-when-enacted-by-Israelis = self-defence) - (

By Belen Fernandez There is approximately one bright side to the current Israeli approach to the Palestinians – and it is that satirists will never want for inspiration. Israel’s latest contribution to global absurdity is an “anti-terror” law proposed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party and targeting Palestinian citizens of Israel and residents of […]

Ethnic Cleansing Manifesto

Lieberman's manifesto wants the indigenous Palestinians moved out. (Wikimedia)

By Jamal Kanj Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and head of Yisrael Beitenu party published on November 28 a new manifesto outlining the party’s outlook for Israel. The updated platform entitled “Swimming Against the Stream” posted on Lieberman’s Facebook page demanded Israeli Arabs who identify themselves as Palestinians “… to forfeit their Israeli citizenship and […]

Palestine: Painting the World with a Single Brush

I now look forward to returning to the intersection and viewing the multicolored Palestinian flag. (Supplied)

By Zeshaun Saleem Over the recent past, Montreal’s intersection of Avenues Park and Pine has become a source of confliction. Its twenty-one lanes (bus lanes included), accompanied by nine traffic lights, assist everyday commuters. Puzzling as this may seem, its navigation is all relatively straightforward, a matter of basic traffic principles. What steers me in […]

The Mockingjay of Palestine: ‘If We Burn, You Burn with Us’

Up: District 12 (Hunger Games). Down: Gaza, Palestine.

By Ramzy Baroud Raed Mu’anis was my best friend. The small scar on top of his left eyebrow was my doing at the age of five. I urged him to quit hanging on a rope where my mother was drying our laundry. He wouldn’t listen, so I threw a rock at him. I didn’t mean […]

A Black Day in the UN’s History

The Palestinian people today are under the longest occupation in modern history. (Tamar Fleishman/PC)

By Ali Kazak  Today, 29th November, is one of the most shameful days of the United Nations and modern human history; it is the 67th anniversary of the United Nations General Assembly Partition of Palestine (UNGA Resolution 181 (II)) adopted by 33 countries to 13 against with 10 abstentions. It partitioned Palestine, against the wishes […]

Israel: Modern Crusaders and No Modern Arab Saladin

Israel is imposing its wishes on the Palestinians and the Arab neighbors by force. (

By Hasan Afif el-Hasan The “Holy Quran” of Islam, states that the Prophet Muhammad was transported from the Sacred Mosque in Mecca to Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem where he was ascended up into heavens then returned back at the Night of ‘Israa’ and Mi’raj’. The place in Jerusalem where, according to the Muslim’s tradition, the […]

Israel’s New Anti-democratic Law

Netanyahu government defined Israel and according to ardent Zionist ministers it is 'anti-democratic.' (Via Aljazeera)

By Jamal Kanj This is the same definition Benjamin Netanyahu had maintained for years that the Palestinian Authority (PA) must accept before signing a peace agreement. In other words, Netanyahu was demanding the PA to recognize the new Basic Law long before his own government approved it. Yet, it becomes more interesting for Netanyahu to […]

20 Years into Democracy in SA, yet Palestine Continues to Bleed

An anti-Apartheid, pro-Palestine rally in South Africa. (File)

By Iqbal Jassat Since our (Media Review Network) advocacy for Palestinian rights became manifest via media and political campaigns, more than two decades ago and long before the advent of social media, a recurring set of questions kept cropping up. One of them was: why are you guys focused on Palestine only and not other […]

Celebrating the Ridiculous in the West Bank

If political leaders are not democratically elected then why on earth should he or she be concerned with public opinion? (Via Aljazeera/file)

By Jamal Saad Whenever you think that you are facing contradictions, check your premises. You will find that one of them is wrong. So Ayn Rand said. Recently, segments of the Palestinian people—mainly across the West Bank—held public rallies celebrating, or commemorating, “Independence Day”. For me and many other Palestinians the contradiction was too enormous […]

Israel’s ‘Jewish Democracy’ is Now Just ‘Jewish’

'Israel was never a democracy in the classical Western sense of the term.' (Wikimedia/file)

By Ludwig Watzal Sixty six years after the establishment of the State of Israel, even the most ubiquitous term employed to describe the political nature of Israel, namely as a “Jewish democratic state,” is becoming obsolete. The Netanyahu government and its right-wing coalition partners are preparing a law, which will exclusively define Israel as a […]

Canada’s Bizarre Policies Entanglement

By Jim Miles Canada’s parliament is currently embroiled in a rather weird partisan sex scandal that makes all parties look like moral disasters (listen to Harper quote “Canadian values” now). While that has attracted all the attention of the media, a small news item emerged from RT News that managed to attract some small attention […]

Jerusalem Synagogue Attack: Who is to Blame?

By Muhammad Zulfikar Rakhmat In the past few weeks, the mainstream media, both locally and internationally, have been dominated by the recent incident that took place at the Kehilat Bnai Torah synagogue in Jerusalem last Tuesday. The attack that was conducted by two Palestinian cousins killed four rabbis and an Israeli police officer. This latest […]

PFLP Soul-searching: The Rise and Fall of Palestine’s Socialists

PFLP graffiti in Bethlehem. (Wikimedia)

By Ramzy Baroud The PFLP is back in the headlines after a recent attack in Jerusalem, raising questions about the current relevance of the group When news reports alleged that the two cousins behind the Jerusalem synagogue attack on 18 November were affiliated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a level of […]

Israel’s Model of Political Despair in Jerusalem

A Palestinian woman in Jerusalem assaulted by Israeli Jewish mob. (Via Aljazeera/file)

By Jonathan Cook – Nazareth Relations between Israelis and Palestinians have descended into a dangerous melee of tit-for-tat attacks and killings, with the violence of the past few weeks centred on Jerusalem. The city, claimed by Israel as its “undivided capital”, has been torn apart by clashes between Israeli police and Palestinian residents since the […]

After Gaza, Europe Scrambles to End Its Complicity

After the massacres in Gaza, Israel may soon be facing its South Africa moment.

By Omar Barghouti While still deeply complicit in perpetuating Israel’s occupation and enabling its commission of grave violations of international law, the European Union has taken a number of measures lately that may indicate a growing appetite for sanctions against Israel for its failure to progress towards a peaceful settlement with the Palestinian Authority. The […]

Obama Extends War in Afghanistan

By Kathy Kelly News agencies reported Saturday morning that weeks ago President Obama signed an order, kept secret until now, to authorize continuation of the Afghan war for at least another year. The order authorizes U.S. airstrikes “to support Afghan military operations in the country” and U.S. ground troops to continue normal operations, which is […]

Gaza Bombings Rock Palestinian Reconciliation

Scene of one of the bombings at the home of a Fatah member in Gaza (MEE/Mohammed Asad)

By Nicola Nasser It is ironic that the annual commemoration of the death of Yasser Arafat should turn into an occasion for rekindling the flames of internal strife. This was clearly the aim of last week’s bombings that targeted the homes of Fatah leaders in Gaza, as well as the podium for the commemorative ceremonies […]

Negotiations to End All Peace

Netanyahu made it 'explicitly' clear that he could 'never, ever, countenance a full sovereign Palestinian state in the West Bank'. (Via Aljazeera)

By Jamal Kanj Following the historical recognition by the Swedish government, British legislators voted overwhelmingly on a non-binding resolution urging their government to recognize the state of Palestine. Ireland’s Seanad and Spain’s parliament passed similar motions on October 22 and November 18 respectively. Sweden, the home of the Nobel Peace Prize, has positioned itself in […]

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