#ResistAIPAC: Protesters Took to Twitter, Streets to Condemn AIPAC Conference

By Diana Alghoul Thousands of Jews and many others took to the streets to protest outside this year’s AIPAC conference in condemnation of Israel’s increasingly hostile policies towards Palestinians, in the world’s largest Jewish-led anti-settlement protest. This is what 1000 Jews marching on @AIPAC looks like. #JewishResistance #ResistAIPAC @IfNotNowOrg pic.twitter.com/u9ULFc9nM4 — (((YonahLieberman))) (@YonahLieberman) March 26, […]

Report: Israel’s Mossad May Have Turned French Spies into Double Agents during Joint Op in Syria

Israeli intelligence agency Mossad attempted to turn French spies into double agents during a joint operation in Syria, Le Monde newspaper reported, citing a French intelligence report. The report, part-published by the French daily, reveals Mossad’s efforts to develop relationships with French spies between 2010 and 2011, in an effort to achieve its goal of […]

Archbishop of Canterbury to See First-hand Israel’s Persecution of Christians

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, will make his first official visit to Israel and Palestine this May. The 12 day tour will see the Archbishop meeting with political and religious leaders while focusing on religious freedoms and challenges facing Christians in the Middle East. The tour will be Welby’s first official visit to the […]

UN Approves Draft Resolution on Palestinian Women

The United Nations Commission on the Status of Women approved a draft resolution on Saturday regarding the status of Palestinian women, including strengthening economic and social policies to enhance the situation of women in the occupied territory, while strongly condemning Israel’s human rights violations in the Palestinian territory, Maan News Agency reported. The draft resolution, […]

Rima Khalaf’s Resignation Letter to UN Secretary General

(Rima Khalaf resigned as executive secretary of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia – ESCWA – after the agency was forced to retract a report stating that Israel is an “apartheid regime.” Khalaf’s letter of resignation to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres was translated and posted by poet Lena Khalaf Tuffaha on her […]

Under Pressure UK Universities Cancel Richard Falk Event

Two British universities have cancelled events planned for the launch of former UN Special Rapporteur for Palestine Richard Falk’s new book. The professor of international law was scheduled to speak today about his new book, “Palestine’s Horizon”, in Middlesex University. But the London based university followed a decision by the University of East London yesterday […]

Junot Díaz Tears Down the Wall

By Hatim Kanaaneh The first night I went to hear Junot Díaz at the University of Hawaii He spoke at the Art Auditorium. I was struck by his intellect and sharp wit.  Of course, he doesn’t need me to attest to his exceptional intelligence and creativity; you don’t get to where he has with average scores […]

Report: 500 Palestinians Sentenced to Life in Israeli Jails

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Center for Studies (PPCS) said on Monday that a Palestinian was sentenced to life in Israeli prison on Sunday, making him the 500th Palestinian to be serving a life sentence in Israeli custody currently. PPCS spokesman Riyad al-Ashqar said “the Israeli military Ofer court had sentenced Muhammad Abd al-Basit Hroub, a 23-year-old […]

Palestinian BNC’s Statement on Omar Barghouti’s Ongoing Interrogation and Israel’s Campaign to Repress BDS

On the morning of Sunday, March 19, Israeli tax authorities barged into the home of Omar Barghouti, the prominent Palestinian human rights defender and co-founder of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement for the freedom, justice and equality of the Palestinian people. They detained and interrogated Omar and his wife Safa for 16 hours […]

RT: CrossTalking with Ramzy Baroud, Dan Arbell, and Martin Jay (VIDEO)

CrossTalk: Just when there was hope the Syrian international proxy war could be coming to an end, Israel inserted itself into the conflict in a big way. Airstrikes against Syrian targets have not only witnessed Damascus forcefully react, but also has Moscow demanding explanations. CrossTalking with Ramzy Baroud, Dan Arbell, and Martin Jay. (RT, Youtube)

VIDEO: Richard Falk Says Israel’s Control of Palestinians is ‘Apartheid’ Not Just ‘Occupation’

Former UN Special Rapporteur for Palestine, Professor Richard Falk launches his new book “Palestine’s Horizon Toward a Just Peace”.

To Honor Intellectual Heroes: Students Organize Reading Chain at Gaza’s Seaport

A group of youths organized a reading chain in the Gaza Seaport on Monday, “honoring intellectual martyrs who have been killed by the Israeli occupation authorities.” Palestinian martyr Bahaa Eliyan from Jerusalem initiated the idea of a reading chain in occupied Jerusalem three years ago. Last year, the Israelis killed Eliyan. “Honoring him alongside with […]

Palestinian NGOs Denounce UN Chief for Removing Report on Israeli Apartheid

Palestinians demonstrated outside the United Nations Special Coordinator Office (UNSCO) in Gaza City on Tuesday, in protest of the UN’s decision to withdraw a report prepared by the UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), which accused Israel of apartheid policies. Protesters expressed support for ESCWA chief Rima Khalaf, who resigned from her […]

New Israeli Law Allows Rrevocation of Citizenship for Nationals Living Overseas

By Palestine Chronicle Staff Adalah, the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel and the Association or Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) issued a statement in response to a newly approved law, which allows Israeli courts “to prevent citizens living outside the country from returning home if the state has a ‘concern’ that their […]

Russia Summoned Israeli Ambassador over Airstrikes near Palmyra

The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the Israeli ambassador in Moscow to demand explanations for the airstrikes Israel conducted near the Syrian city of Palmyra last week, the ministry confirmed. Ambassador Gary Koren was called in by Russia’s Foreign Ministry on Friday after news about the strike emerged, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov told the […]

Last Iraq Veteran Who Fought Israel in 1948 Passes Away

The last Iraqi soldier to have fought against Israel in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War that saw the establishment of the State of Israel and the displacement of 700,000 Palestinians from their ancestral homes, passed away peacefully on Friday. Haj Hussein Muhammad Al-Samarrai passed away at the age of 95 surrounded by his children and grandchildren […]

UN Report: Israel Has Established an ‘Apartheid Regime’

(Update (17/3//17): since this article was first published, ESCWA has been forced to remove the report from its website. It can be viewed/downloaded here: UN ESCWA Israel Apartheid Report.) A new United Nations report accuses Israel of having established “an apartheid regime that oppresses and dominates the Palestinian people as a whole”. The publication comes amid renewed […]

Palestinian BDS Committee Responds to UN Head’s Resignation over Israel ‘Apartheid’ Report

By Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC) Dr. Rima Khalaf, Director of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), resigned from her post following pressure from the US and Israel over a report issued this week by ESCWA documenting Israel’s apartheid policies towards the Palestinian people and encouraging support for the grassroots boycott, divestment, and sanctions […]

Whether You Stumble, or Stand Up: A Song for Basil Al-Araj

A group of Gaza-based activists has produced an amateur video-clip dedicated to Basil Al-Araj, the 31-year-old Palestinian activist who was ambushed and assassinated by Israeli Occupation Forces two weeks ago. Al-Araj is remembered as a young intellectual involved in cultural activities and resistance against Israeli occupation and apartheid. Basil was known amongst Palestinian activists as an “engaged intellectual,” and […]

Thousands Attend Funeral in al-Walaja for Slain Palestinian Activist Basel al-Araj (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)

Thousands of  mourners took part in a funeral procession for Basel al-Araj on Friday evening, after the 31-year-old Palestinian activist was killed by Israeli forces nearly two weeks ago. Israel has held al-Araj’s body since March 6 — when Israeli forces ambushed him in a home near Ramallah, in what was branded as an “execution” […]

US Envoy Hands Abbas Nine Demands to Restart Negotiations, Claims DEBKAfile

Israeli intelligence website, DEBKAfile, claimed that it has access to what it called “the US basic preconditions presented to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas by the US Middle East peace envoy Jason Greenblatt during a meeting on Tuesday, March 14.” Trump Middle East envoy meets Palestinian leader Abbas https://t.co/9AA8KiyB5N pic.twitter.com/W6BQMc0Jim — Reuters Top News (@Reuters) […]

PCHR on Hamas’ ‘Administrative Committee’: It Will Not Solve Gaza’s Problems

By Palestine Chronicle Staff Various media outlets have published reports stating that the Hamas movement in Gaza is about to form an administrative committee to run the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights has revealed. This move came after the Hamas Change and Reform Bloc in the Palestinian Legislative Council passed a law […]

Richard Gere: Settlements Are an ‘Absurd Provocation’

American actor and humanitarian activist Richard Gere has described illegal Israeli settlement “an absurd provocation”, Israel’s Haaretz newspaper reported on Sunday. In an interview with the paper, Gere said: “Obviously, this occupation is destroying everyone. There is no defence of this occupation.” Addressing the issue of illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories, he said: […]

UN: Israel Established ‘Apartheid Regime’

A UN report released yesterday has accused Israel of having established “an apartheid regime” and practices a “systematic regime of racial domination”. The 74 page document confirmed that the Israeli regime is in fact “institutionalizing” racism against the Palestinian people and that “the Israeli regime is designed for this core purpose was found to be […]

How Israel Uses Gas to Enforce Palestinian Dependency and Promote Normalization

By Al-Shabaka (This is an edited version of a policy brief authored by Al-Shabaka Policy Fellow Tareq Baconi. Read an unabridged version here.) Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territory does not only exist above ground. Since 1967, Israel has systematically colonized Palestinian natural resources and, in the field of hydrocarbons, has prevented Palestinians from accessing their […]

The Walled Off Hotel: The Struggle for Decolonization

By Jamil Khader The British street artist known as Banksy is no stranger to controversy and the recent debate over his new installation in the town of Bethlehem, the Walled Off Hotel, does not come as a surprise. Some critics have accused Banksy of Pale-ploitation – of making profit off Palestinian suffering, normalising the occupation, beautifying […]

Gisha: Gaza Unemployment Rate Stood At 42% in 2016

By Palestine Chronicle Staff Israeli Legal Center for the Freedom of Movement in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Gisha said Gaza’s unemployment rate stood at 42% in 2016 due to the Israeli siege imposed on the already impoverished Gaza Strip. “In the last quarter of 2016, Gaza’s unemployment rate stood at 40.6%, a drop of more […]

Anger against the PA Growing: PFLP Suspends Participation in Elections

The Popular Front for The Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) announced on Monday that it was suspending its participation in local Palestinian elections scheduled for May, in protest of Palestinian Authority (PA) security forces’ violent repression of demonstrations in the occupied West Bank a day earlier. PFLP politburo member and Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) MP Khalida […]

Iran FM Accuses Netanyahu of ‘Fake History’ Following ‘Persians Tried to Destroy Jews’ Comments

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif accused Benjamin Netanyahu of resorting to “fake history” and of “selling bigoted lies” about Iran after the Israeli Prime Minister said Iran had been trying to “destroy” the Jewish people for some 2,500 years. The row started over a video address by Netanyahu to Jewish children on the holiday of […]

Palestinian Priest: Oust PA and Start Civil Disobedience

Senior Christian Priest in Ramallah Monsignor Manuel Musallam severely criticized the Palestinian Authority (PA)’s security cooperation with Israel which has led to the death of tens of Palestinian resistance fighters in West Bank, Al-Resalah newspaper reported. In a recent interview with the paper, Musallam called on Palestinians in the occupied West Bank to oust the […]

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