200 Days of Genocide – Gaza’s Shocking Stats on Massacres, Dead, Missing, Injured

Israel continues to commit massacres against civilians in Gaza. (Image: Palestine Chronicle)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

In addition to 75,000 tons of explosives dropped on the Gaza Strip, the Israeli military committed 3,025 massacres, leaving 41,183 Palestinians dead or missing and injuring 77,143.

On Day 200 of Israel’s ongoing genocidal attack on the Gaza Strip, the Government Media Office in the enclave has released shocking statistics on the situation including the number of massacres committed by the occupation forces, the dead, missing and injured, since October 7.

In addition to 75,000 tons of explosives dropped on the enclave, the Israeli forces committed 3,025 massacres, leaving 41,183 Palestinians dead or missing and injured 77,143.

Israel’s crippling blockade on the entry of humanitarian aid into the enclave has resulted in severe famine in particularly the north, leading to the deaths of 30 children.

The key statistics are listed as follows:

– 200 days of genocidal war

– 3,025 massacres committed by Israeli forces

– 41,183 killed and missing persons

– 34,183 killed, reached hospitals

– 14,778 children killed

– 30 children killed due to famine

– 9,752 females killed

– 485 medical staff killed

– 67 civil defense workers killed

– 140 journalists killed

– 7,000 missing persons

– 77,143 injured

– 72% of the victims are women and children

– 17,000 children living without one or both parents

ICC Confirms Probe into Israel’s Killing of Journalists – Reporters Without Borders

– 11,000 injured needing to travel for surgery

– 10,000 cancer patients facing death and in need of treatment

– 1,090,000 people suffering from infectious diseases due to displacement

– 8,000 cases of viral hepatitis infections due to displacement

– 60,000 pregnant women at risk due to lack of healthcare

– 350,000 chronic patients at risk due to non-entry of medicines

– 5,000 detainees from Gaza Strip during the genocidal war

– 310 healthcare staff detained

– 20 journalists detained with known names

– 2 million displaced in Gaza Strip

– 181 government headquarters destroyed

– 103 schools and universities completely destroyed

‘We Will Teach Our Children in Tents’ – Israel’s War on Gaza Schools, Mosques Continues

– 309 schools and universities partially destroyed

– 239 mosques completely destroyed

– 317 mosques partially destroyed

– 3 churches targeted and destroyed

– 86,000 housing units completely destroyed

– 294,000 housing units partially destroyed and uninhabitable

– 75,000 tons of explosives dropped on Gaza

– 32 hospitals put out of service

– 53 health centers put out of service

– 160 health institutions targeted

– 126 ambulances targeted by the Israeli forces

– 206 archaeological and heritage sites destroyed

– $30 billion in preliminary direct losses due to the genocidal war on Gaza Strip

Scores of Palestinians Killed as Israel Continues to Bomb Hospitals, Schools

ICJ Trial

The statistics indicate that 5,000 Palestinians have been detained in the past six months. This brings close to 10,000 the number of Palestinian prisoners held by Israel, according to the Government Media Office.

Israel is currently on trial before the International Court of Justice for its genocidal assault on Gaza.

South Africa Argues ‘Genocidal Intent’ by Israel in Gaza

On December 29, 2023, South Africa approached the ICJ seeking an order to prevent Israel from committing genocide against the Palestinian people.

In January, the Court ruled that South Africa’s case met the standard of plausibility and ordered Israel inter alia, to take action to prevent and punish genocide, and incitement to genocide, and to enable the immediate and effective provision of basic services and humanitarian assistance to besieged Gaza.

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