Israeli Army Chief Halevi: ‘We Failed’

Isreali Major General Herzi Halevi. (Photo: via Wikimedia Commons)

The Israeli army chief admitted ‘failure’ but vowed to “dismantle” the Palestinian movement Hamas. The Palestinian Resistance group, however, said it is ready for all eventualities.

The Israeli army did not live up to its responsibility to protect the country when Hamas struck, IDF Chief of Staff, General Herzi Halevi, said on Thursday.

But now, he said, he intends to fight the war and destroy the Resistance group and its leadership.

“The IDF is responsible for the security of our nation and its citizens, and we failed to do so on Saturday morning,” Halevi said, in Hebrew, in his first public remarks since the conflict broke out. “We will look into it, we will investigate, but now it is time for war.”

Halevi described Hamas as “animals” and “merciless terrorists who have committed unimaginable acts” against men, women, and children, and their attack on the morning of October 7 as “murderous, brutal and surprising.”

The IDF “understands the magnitude of this time, and the magnitude of the mission that lays on our shoulders,” Halevi said.

“Yahya Sinwar, the ruler of the Gaza Strip, decided on this horrible attack, and therefore he and the entire system under him are dead men,” the Israeli general added, vowing to “attack them and dismantle them and their organization” and that “Gaza will not look the same” afterward.

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Resistance is Prepared 

Meanwhile, the deputy head of the political bureau of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas, Saleh al-Arouri, said on Thursday that the defensive plan (prepared by Palestinian Resistance in Gaza) is stronger than offensive plan that stunned Israel and surprised the world.

Al-Arouri revealed, in call with Aljazeera, that the plan of the Al-Aqsa flood was based on the storming by members of the Qassam the “Gaza envelope” and attacking the “Gaza Division” in the Israeli army – which is responsible for the siege of the Gaza Strip and the assassinations and killings carried out against Palestinians in the Strip.

The Hamas official stressed that the instructions of the Qassam fighters were from the beginning to abide by the instructions of the Islamic religion in wars, namely, not to kill civilians, women, children and the elderly, not to harm people’s civilian interests, and only to fight soldiers and militants.

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However, according to al-Arouri, some Gazans heard about the collapse of the border with the Gaza envelope, they rushed to enter the Gaza envelope, and there was some chaos, while some Qassam fighters were forced to clash with some security guards and gunmen in the settlements, which led to civilian deaths.

So far, more than 1,500 Palestinians were killed by the Israeli army in its ongoing war in Gaza, and 32 more killed in the West Bank.

Meanwhile, the number of Israeli soldiers, officers and settlers is estimated to have reached 1,200.

Thousands were also injured on both sides.

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