Israeli Soldiers Injured – American Concerns Grow over Potential War with Hezbollah

Tensions run high between Israel and the Lebanese Resistance Movement Hezbollah. (Image: Palestine Chronicle)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

The Israeli army announced that three soldiers were injured in shelling from Lebanon during the past hours, coinciding with Hezbollah’s announcement of bombing several Israeli sites in the north.

On Monday morning, the Israeli army reported that two reserve soldiers were injured by two anti-tank missiles fired from Lebanon at the town of Metulla. 

Previously, the army had announced that a soldier was seriously injured after a bombing on the northern front.

Israeli media broadcast a video showing the army intercepting a drone in “Ilet Hashahar” in the Lower Galilee, while other footage showed damage to a military facility in the region. 

Israeli Army Radio announced on Sunday that the army intercepted a suspicious object launched from southern Lebanon targeting a “sensitive” military security facility belonging to the Rafael Security Industries Complex in the Shaghur area, northern Israel.

Hezbollah Hits Medulla – Council Head Criticizes Government amid Ongoing Attacks

The Lebanese movement Hezbollah also stated it attacked the headquarters of the Sahel Battalion in the Beit Hillel barracks and bombed the sites of Ramtha, Al-Samaqa, and Ruwaisat Al-Qarn.

In response, Israeli fighters launched two raids on the town of Khiam and the vicinity of the towns of Ramia and Aitaroun. Artillery also bombed the vicinity of the town of Rashaya Al-Fakhar in southern Lebanon.

Unprecedented Weapons

General Charles Brown, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, warned that any Israeli attack on Lebanon could escalate into a broader conflict involving Iran and its allies, particularly if Hezbollah’s presence were threatened. 

Brown noted that Hezbollah has greater capabilities than Hamas and that Iran might provide more support to Hezbollah in a conflict. He added that it would be challenging for the United States to support Israel as it did in repelling the Iranian attack last April.

Israeli Channel 12 reported that discussions between Israeli officials in Washington focused on the arms shipment crisis and preventing escalation in the north. 

‘Illusions and Lies’ – Lebanon Denies Telegraph Claims about Weapon Stockpile at Beirut Airport

Additionally, Israel has warned the US that it may use new weapons if an all-out war with Hezbollah in Lebanon occurs, according to Channel 12. 

Israel reportedly conveyed to the White House its intent to employ new weapons systems to quickly handle any potential conflict with Hezbollah and avoid a prolonged war. 

Israel emphasized that if Hezbollah does not cease its attacks, it will have no choice but to take military action in Lebanon.

Tensions have escalated along Lebanon’s border with Israel amid ongoing cross-border attacks. 

Heightened Tensions

Since the start of the Israeli war on Gaza, on October 7, the Lebanese movement Hezbollah has engaged directly, but relatively in a limited way in the war against the Israeli occupation.

According to Hezbollah sources, the movement has carried out 1,194 military operations in the first 250 days of war, killing and wounding over 2,000 Israeli soldiers.

Tensions Soar – Israeli Forces Kill Lebanese Man in Beqaa

Israel has occupied parts of Lebanon for decades and has only left the country in 2000, following stiff Lebanese resistance under Hezbollah’s leadership. 

It attempted to re-occupy Lebanon in 2006 but failed in what Lebanon considers a major victory against Israel. 

Israel, however, continues to occupy parts of Lebanon, namely the Sheeba Farms region.

Hezbollah has vowed to recover every inch of Lebanon that has been occupied by Israel contrary to international law.

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  1. Israel has been willing to fight Iran to the last American for quite some time now. I would hope the Americans are not so stupid as to let them, but I despair that common sense is not so common in Turtle Island – I think Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull were the last public adherents to common sense in Turtle Island, and that was a couple of centuries ago.

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