GAZA LIVE BLOG: Israel Bombs Zaytoun, Jabaliya, Khan Yunis | Israeli Crisis Deepens | Iranian President Missing | WFP: Prevent Gaza Famine – Day 226

Israel continues to carry out massacres against Palestinian civilians in Gaza.(Photo: Mahmoud Ajjour, Palestine Chronicle)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

The former commander of the Gaza Division was quoted by the Israeli newspaper Maariv as saying that the army is floundering in Gaza. 

Israeli War Cabinet Minister Benny Gantz threatened to leave the war council if Netanyahu does not achieve specific goals by a set date.

Israeli forces carried out several massacres across Gaza, killing and wounding scores of Palestinians. Palestinian Resistance continued to fight back, killing many Israeli soldiers. 

According to Gaza’s Ministry of Health, 35,456 Palestinians have been killed, and 79,476 wounded in Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza starting on October 7.

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Monday, Day 20, 01:00 am (GMT +2)

AL-JAZEERA: Several people were killed and others were injured in the bombing of a house for the Al-Arouqi family in the Abu Iskandar area in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood, north of Gaza City.

DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS: Al Awda Hospital, which is surrounded by tanks in the northern Gaza Strip, has run out of drinking water.

Under Siege – Israeli Forces Surround Al Awda Hospital in Jabaliya

Sunday, May 19, 11:30 pm (GMT +2)

PALESTINIAN MEDIA: Israeli artillery had recently bombed the eastern areas of the Al-Zaytoun neighborhood, southeast of Gaza City.

AL-JAZEERA: Israeli warplanes bombed the Al-Qasaib neighborhood in the Jabalia camp in the northern Gaza Strip.

PALESTINIAN MEDIA: Israeli aircraft had recently launched a series of raids on various areas in the city of Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip.

AL-QASSAM BRIGADES: We carried out joint operations with the Al-Quds Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad Movement, against the occupation forces and their vehicles in the Jabalia camp in the northern Gaza Strip.

YNET: Gadi Eisenkot attacked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying, “You are dealing with prisoner exchange negotiations as if you were dealing with negotiations to form a coalition government.”

Sunday, May 19, 11:00 pm (GMT +2)


Signals received from the president’s helicopter; resecures are rushing to precise place of accident.

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Mehdi Safri: Imam Juma Tabriz was contacted twice and told us that his situation is bad, but he hears ambulances.

Commander of the Revolutionary Guards Major General Hossein Salami arrives at the scene of the helicopter incident to follow up on the search operations closely.

Sunday, May 19, 10:00 pm (GMT +2)


We are following with great interest and concern the news about the emergency landing of the helicopter carrying His Excellency, the President of the Iranian Republic, Ebrahim Raisi, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Hossein Amir Abdollahian, and their accompanying delegation in northwest Iran, and the loss of contact with them.

In this painful incident, we express our complete solidarity with the Islamic Republic of Iran, the leadership, government, and people, and we ask Allah Almighty for protection and peace for the Iranian President and his accompanying delegation, and to keep the brotherly Iranian people away from all harm and evil.

Iranian President, Top Officials Experience Helicopter ‘Accident’, Search Underway – BREAKING

ISRAELI MEDIA: A guided missile fired from Lebanon fell on a house in the Metulla settlement in northern Israel, and that a car near the Al-Malikiyah site was also damaged.

WFP: We need safe access for aid to prevent famine in northern Gaza.

AL-QUDS BRIGADES: In conjunction with the Al-Qassam Brigades, we destroyed an Israeli special force on Al-Albani Street in the Jabalia Camp, northern Gaza Strip.

HEZBOLLAH: We killed and wounded a group of Israeli soldiers after targeting them with a guided missile, after careful monitoring in the Metula border area.

WALLA (citing informed sources): Netanyahu rejects a proposal to renew the swap deal negotiations.

ISRAELI ARMY: The occupation army announces the killing of an officer in the battles in northern Gaza.

Sunday, May 19, 7:30 pm (GMT +2)

CHANNEL 12: Anti-armor missiles were launched from Lebanon and directly hit a house in Metulla.

AL-MAYADEEN: Casualties reported after Israeli occupation forces opened fire at a group of people west of Nuseirat.

AL-MAYADEEN: Intense Israeli shooting from military helicopters east of the city of Rafah in southern Gaza.

ISLAMIC RESISTANCE OF LEBANON: We announce the martyrdom of commander Ali Hadi Salama in the fight against the Israeli occupation.

AL-QUDS BRIGADES: In conjunction with Al-Qassam Brigades, we targeted an Israeli special force on Albani Street in Jabaliya refugee camp in northern Gaza.

ISRAELI MEDIA: Sirens heard in eight settlements and positions near the Israeli border with Lebanon.

IRANIAN TV: Iranian President’s helicopter fell as a result of bad weather and it is unclear if the passengers have been wounded or martyred. Reports on the killing and wounding of those on the helicopter are unconfirmed and cannot be trusted.

Sunday, May 19, 6:45 pm (GMT +2)

HAMAS POLITICAL BUREAY IZZAT AL-RISHQ: Our hearts are with the brotherly Iranian people. We ask God Almighty, Lord of the Great Throne, to be kind to the Iranian President, the Foreign Minister, and all those with them.

IRANIAN MEDIA: Iranian chief of staff orders the Revolutionary Guard, army and police to use all of their resources to find the president’s helicopter.

IRANIAN OFFICIAL (to Reuters): News coming from the area of the helicopter crash is very worrying.

GAZA CROSSINGS AND BORDERS AUTHORITY: We warn of the repercussions of the continued closure of the Rafah land crossing for the 13th day in a row after the occupation took control of it.


We shot down an Israeli occupation army EVO MAX 4T drone in the sky of Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip.

We bombed with mortar shells a gathering of occupation vehicles behind Talib Pharmacy on Al-Ternis Street in the Jabalia Camp, northern Gaza Strip.

PALESTINIAN MEDIA: A number of people were wounded a short while ago in a bombing by occupation army aircraft on the vicinity of Al-Bureij Market, in the central Gaza Strip.

ISRAELI MEDIA: Dozens of settlers were evacuated after a huge fire broke out in the Har Homa settlement, southeast of Jerusalem.

Sunday, May 19, 6:00 pm (GMT +2)

AL-MAYADEEEN: Iranian Vice President heads to Tabriz to follow up on the search for the president’s helicopter.


Red Crescent chief in Iran says it is not possible to continue to search by air due to bad weather conditions.

40 teams are participating in the search for the president’s helicopter.

IRAN GOVERNMENT SPOKESMAN: Government council meeting is underway.

TASNIM NEWS AGENCY: A large number of civil defense forces are taking part in the search for the President’s helicopter

TASNIM NEWS AGENCY: Bad weather conditions make it difficult to locate President’s helicopter.

IRANIAN EMERGENCY SERVICES: Red Crescent rescue workers and drones have been sent to the area where the incident took place.


We are waiting for rescue workers to arrive so that we may learn more information about what has taken place.

There are difficulties in communicating with rescue workers.

GAZA LIVE BLOG: Iranian President Missing | Political Crisis in Israel | New Resistance Videos | Massacres in Nuseirat, Jabaliya – Day 226

Sunday, May 19, 5:00 pm (GMT +2)

TASNIM: An accident has reportedly occurred to the helicopter carrying Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi in northwestern Iran. The accident reportedly happened as the president was returning from the Khoda Afarin region in Iran’s northwestern province of East Azerbaijan after inaugurating a dam at the common border with the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Iranian President, Top Officials Experience Helicopter ‘Accident’, Search Underway – BREAKING

Sunday, May 19, 4:30 pm (GMT +2)

LEBANESE SOURCES: A fire broke out in the vicinity of Mays al-Jabal Hospital after it was bombed with phosphorus shells.

AXIOS: Netanyahu has prevented intelligence and security leaders from meeting with American officials and lawmakers several times since October 7.
Netanyahu is trying to control what American politicians and diplomats hear from the Israeli side.

AL-QUDS BRIGADES: We bombed the occupation crowds east of Rafah with mortar shells.

GAZA HEALTH MINISTRY: 35,456 Palestinians have been killed, and 79,476 wounded in Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza starting on October 7.

CHANNEL 12: A fourth military brigade had been introduced to fight in Rafah, raising the number of brigades operating in Gaza to 9.

ISRAELI ARMY: 44 soldiers and officers were injured in battles in Gaza.

AL-AQSA SATELLITE CHANNEL: Israeli Quadcopter drones were shooting at journalists at the Passports Roundabout, east of Rafah.

Sunday, May 19, 3:00 pm (GMT +2)

AL-JAZEERA: Israeli occupation aircraft raided the town of Maroun al-Ras in southern Lebanon.

HEZBOLLAH: We bombed the Israeli site of Jal Al-Alam with artillery shells.

CHANNEL 12 (citing senior security source): Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich is taking a dangerous step by calling for sending soldiers to take control of Lebanon.

ISRAELI MEDIA: Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and Chief of Staff Herzi Halevy agreed to the next phase of the military operation in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip.

Sunday, May 18, 2:00 pm (GMT +2)

AL-QASSAM BRIGADES: We targeted a Merkava tank with an Al-Yassin 105 shell in Jabaliya.

AL-JAZEERA: The death toll resulting from an Israeli bombing that targeted a house and a school in the Daraj neighborhood in Gaza City had risen to 13.

Sunday, May 19, 1:00 pm (GMT +2)

AL-JAZEERA: Israeli occupation artillery continues its intense bombardment on the neighborhoods of Al-Qasaib, Tal Al-Zaatar, and Al-Faluga in the Jabalia refugee camp, north of the Gaza Strip.

UNRWA COMMISSIONER-GENERAL: Half of Gaza’s population is on the roads and forced to flee.

SMOTRICH: Israeli Channel 12 quoted Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich as saying that he believes war with Lebanese Hezbollah is inevitable.

SND NEWS AGENCY: Jewish settlers attacked trucks transporting aid to the Gaza Strip after leaving the Tarqumiya crossing in the West Bank.

JORDANIAN FM: The humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza is worsening and the aggression must be stopped.

GAZA HEALTH MINISTRY: We appeal to all humanitarian institutions to bring medicines into the Strip.

HEZBOLLAH: We destroyed the spy equipment at the Ramya site.

CHANNEL 12: Hamas still has the ability to produce weapons and missiles despite months of fighting.

AL-JAZEERA: A Palestinian was killed and another injured in a drone strike while they were collecting firewood in the Al-Sabra neighborhood, south of Gaza City.

ADMINISTRATION OF AL AWDA HOSPITAL: The occupation forces are besieging the hospital and we cannot provide treatment services.

AL-JAZEERA: Sirens in more than 15 towns in the Hula Plain and Upper Galilee region.

Sunday, May 19, 12:00 pm (GMT +2)

HEZBOLLAH: We struck an Israeli Hummer, killing and wounding its crew.

DIRECTOR OF KAMAL ADWAN HOSPITAL: We suffer from a severe shortage of medical supplies and we call on the world to pay attention to us.

AL-QASSAM BRIGADES: We bombarded the enemy forces stationed at the Rafah crossing with mortars.

AL-QUDS BRIGADES: Our fighters are engaged in “fierce clashes with soldiers and vehicles of the Zionist enemy in the axes of advance east and southeast of the city of Rafah.

AL-JAZEERA; Israeli helicopters are firing heavily at the Tal al-Zaatar area in northern Gaza.

UNRWA: About 800,000 people in Rafah are on the roads after being forced to flee since Israel began the military operation.

GAZA CIVIL DEFENSE: 31 bodies were recovered following an Israeli bombing that targeted a house in the Nuseirat camp at dawn today.

BEN-GVIR: There is no alternative to re-settlement in Gaza.

GAZA GOVERNMENT MEDIA OFFICE: Israel prevents the entry of 3,000 aid trucks and prevents 690 sick and wounded people from traveling for treatment.

Sunday, May 19, 11:00 am (GMT +2)

PALESTINIAN RED CRESCENT: 5 Palestinians were killed in an Israeli bombing on a street in the Nuseirat camp in the central Gaza Strip.

GAZA CIVIL DEFENSE: There are survivors and martyrs under the rubble, which is difficult for us to reach.

AL-JAZEERA: Two missiles were fired from Lebanon towards the Israeli sites of Zabdin and Ramtha in the occupied Shebaa Farms in southern Lebanon.

NYT: Police violently attacked demonstrators against the Israeli military attack on Gaza in Brooklyn.

AL-JAZEERA: Sirens sounded in several areas in northern Israel.

GAZA CIVIL DEFENSE: Israel fired shells towards Al-Awda Hospital in the Tal Al-Zaatar area in Jabalia.

GAZA CIVIL DEFENSE: We recovered hundreds of bodies in Jabaliya.

Sunday, May 19, 10:00 am (GMT +2)

AL-JAZEERA: Two Palestinians were killed in an Israeli bombing on the town of Khuza’a, east of the city of Khan Yunis.

AL-QUDS BRIGADES: We bombed the Sderot settlement with a missile salvo “in response to the enemy’s crimes against our people.

ISRAELI ARMY RADIO: Ben Gvir calls on Netanyahu to dismiss Gantz, Eisenkot, and Gallant.

AL-JAZEERA: The Israeli occupation launched raids on the Jabaliya refugee camp market in the northern Gaza Strip.

Sunday, May 19, 09:45 am (GMT +2)

AL-QUDS BRIGADES: Our mujahideen caused a Zionist force to be killed or wounded in Jabaliya.

AL-QUDS BRIGADES: We detonated a lightning shock device in a Merkava tank.

AL-QUDS BRIGADES: In conjunction with the Al-Qassam Brigades, we bombed the headquarters of the Operations Command east of Jabalia, in the north of the Gaza Strip, with a number of mortar shells.

UNITED NATIONS: Famine in northern Gaza is imminent.

ISRAELI ARMY RADIO: There was an army position on the Gaza border that included more than 20 tanks and troop carriers, without guarding, for a week.

BEN-GVIR:“I will not extend a helping hand to conclude an illegal exchange deal.

AL-JAZEERA: Renewed clashes between the Palestinian resistance and the Israeli occupation army on Al-Ajarma Street in Jabaliya Camp.

KAN: Israel submitted a document to the International Court of Justice regarding ways to evacuate residents from Rafah.

YEDIOTH AHRONOTH: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet today with the heads of towns located near the border with Lebanon for the first time since last January.

AL-JAZEERA: A Palestinian was killed and a number of others were injured when occupation aircraft targeted a group of citizens in Deir al-Balah.


The Israeli army is floundering in Gaza, and it is clear that we will not achieve our declared goals.

The most dangerous thing is the erosion of the status of Israel, which was a regional power until October 7.

Netanyahu’s government condemned us to years of confusion, isolation and severe economic damage.

Sunday, May 19, 08:00 am (GMT +2)

HEZBOLLAH: We bombed the Al-Rahib site in the Upper Galilee with artillery shells.

AL-JAZEERA: Israeli occupation aircraft launched a raid on the center of Rafah.

Sunday, May 19, 07:00 am (GMT +2)

AL-JAZEERA: Violent clashes erupted between the Palestinian resistance and the Israeli occupation army on Al-Ajarma Street in the Jabalia refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip.

ISRAELI ARMY: Two Israeli soldiers were killed and three wounded, including an officer, in Gaza.

Sunday, May 19, 06:00 am (GMT +2)

ISLAMIC RESISTANCE IN IRAQ: We targeted with drones at dawn on Sunday a vital target in Eilat (Umm al-Rashrash).

AL-JAZEERA: Israeli occupation forces targeted the Sheikh Zayed area and Qalibu Hill, north of the Gaza Strip, with artillery shelling.

Sunday, May 19, 05:00 am (GMT +2)

AL-JAZEERA: Six Palestinians were killed in an Israeli bombing of a house near Al-Salam Mosque on Jaffa Street in the Al-Daraj neighborhood, east of Gaza City, while three were killed and others were wounded in a bombing of a school in the same neighborhood.

PALESTINIAN MEDIA: The death toll resulting from the Israeli bombing of a house in the northern Nuseirat camp has risen to 20.

Sunday, May 19, 04:00 am (GMT +2)

AL-JAZEERA: A raid targeted a house north of the Nuseirat camp in the central Gaza Strip, leaving 17 martyrs and dozens wounded and missing.

PALESTINIAN MEDIA: An Israeli raid targeted a house for the Shaheen family in the Al-Tuffah neighborhood, east of Gaza City, leaving martyrs and wounded.

AL-JAZEERA: Israeli artillery bombed several areas in the east and center of the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip.

Sunday, May 19, 03:00 am (GMT +2)

AL-JAZEERA: Israeli occupation forces began heavy artillery shelling on several areas in Jabaliya, Beit Lahia, and the vicinity of Kamal Adwan Hospital in the northern Gaza Strip.

NETANYAHU: Gantz chooses to issue an ultimatum to the prime minister instead of issuing an ultimatum to Hamas.

PALESTINIAN MEDIA: Three Palestinians were killed and others were injured in a raid on a house north of the Nuseirat camp in the central Gaza Strip.

Sunday, May 19, 02:00 am (GMT +2)

ISRAEL HAYOM: Flare bombs were fired over the Metula area in the Upper Galilee on the border with Lebanon.

Sunday, May 19, 01:00 am (GMT +2)

LAPID: Netanyahu continues his deception and lies, and this government is a disaster that has befallen Israel. Netanyahu’s government will not achieve victory.

YEDIOTH AHRONOTH: Israeli police arrest 15 people who participated in a demonstration against the government

Saturday, May 18, 11:30 pm (GMT +2)

AL-JAZEERA: 64 Palestinians were killed and hundreds were wounded as a result of the continued Israeli occupation raids on various areas of the Gaza Strip since this morning.

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