GAZA LIVE BLOG: World Reacts to ICC Decision | Israel to Expand Rafah Operations | Battles, Massacres in Jabaliya – Day 227

Israel continues to carry out massacres against Palestinian civilians in Gaza.(Photo: Mahmoud Ajjour, Palestine Chronicle)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian have tragically died in a helicopter crash in the northwestern province of East Azerbaijan, Iranian media reported.

Israeli forces carried out new massacres in Gaza as they continued to besiege the Al Awda Hospital in Jabaliya. 

Fierce clashes reportedly broke out between the Palestinian Resistance and invading Israeli forces in the city of Deir Al-Balah, in central Gaza. 

According to Gaza’s Ministry of Health, 35,456 Palestinians have been killed, and 79,476 wounded in Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza starting on October 7.

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Tuesday, Day 21, 01:00 am (GMT +2)

UN SPECIAL RAPPORTEUR ALBANESE: The announcement of the International Criminal Court is a late but commendable step.

ISLAMIC RESISTANCE IN IRAQ. We targeted Eilat with two drones.

A Fight Between Fighters – Resistance Roundup – Day 227

OCAMPO (to Al-Jazeera): Strong pressure is being exerted on the court after today’s announcement.

BORRELL: Those who ratified the Statute of the International Criminal Court are bound by its decision.

Tuesday, Day 21, 12:00 am (GMT +2)

AL-AQSA TV CHANNEL: Israeli media said that two soldiers were seriously injured during the ongoing battles in the Jabalia refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip.

IRISH FM: We condemn the threats against the International Criminal Court and its officials and consider its role in preventing impunity to be essential. It is crucial that we respect the independence and impartiality of the International Criminal Court.

GERMANY: We respect the independence of the International Criminal Court.

‘Distorting the Truth’ – Gazans React to ICC Chief Prosecutor Decision on Arrest Warrants

Monday, Day 20, 10:00  pm (GMT +2)

AL-JAZEERA: 4 Palestinians were killed on Monday evening in an Israeli raid on a house in the Al-Sabra neighborhood, south of Gaza City.

UN: We warn of an increase in cases of malnutrition and infectious diseases due to displacement in the Gaza Strip.

HEZBOLLAH: Lebanese Hezbollah announced in a series of statements that it had launched 11 attacks on Israeli military sites in the Upper Galilee and the occupied Shebaa Farms, and mourned 5 of its fighters who were killed in Israeli raids.

AL-AQSA TV CHANNEL: Palestinian aid truck drivers were injured by Israeli occupation forces fire near the Rafah crossing gate.

‘Attempt to Control Info’ – Netanyahu Prevents Israeli Security Chiefs from Meeting US Official 

AL-JAZEERA: The Israeli police forcefully broke up a demonstration by families of prisoners, during which they closed the western entrance to occupied Jerusalem.

WHITE HOUSE: Sullivan raised Washington’s concerns in Israel about a large-scale operation in Rafah

Monday, Day 20, 9:00  pm (GMT +2)

SOUTH AFRICA: South Africa welcomed the announcement by the International Criminal Court of its request to issue arrest warrants against the Israeli Prime Minister and his Defense Minister over the war on Gaza.

Monday, Day 20, 8:00  pm (GMT +2)

AL-JAZEERA: A Palestinian little girl was martyred inside the nursery department at Martyr Kamal Adwan Hospital in Beit Lahia, in northern Gaza Strip, because the oxygen machine stopped.

Monday, Day 20, 7:00  pm (GMT +2)

AL-MAYADEEN: 13 Palestinians were killed on Al-Nuzha Street in Jabaliya Al-Balad while trying to return to their homes.

PALESTINIAN MEDIA: Al-Mayadeen correspondent in Gaza: The Israeli occupation recently targeted the Al-Asi Tower in the Yabna refugee camp on the border with Egypt.


Occupation helicopter gunships fire on homes in the eastern areas of Gaza City.

Intense artillery shelling on various areas of Jabalia camp and Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip.

ISRAELI MEDIA: Israel’s fears that the ICC may also issue arrest warrants against Chief of Staff Halevy and other officers in the Israeli army.

NETANYAHU: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described International Criminal Court Prosecutor Karim Khan’s request for the court to issue an arrest warrant against him and his Defense Minister Yoav Galant as a “scandal.”

Monday, Day 20, 5:00  pm (GMT +2)

AL-MAYADEEN: Al-Mayadeen correspondent: Occupation artillery shells the Al-Zaytoun neighborhood, south of Gaza City.

PALESTINIAN MEDIA: Killed and wounded in the occupation bombing of the Abu Azoum family home at the Al-Dakhni Junction in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip.

GAZA HEALTH MINISTRY: 35,562 Palestinians have been killed, and 79,652 wounded in Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza starting on October 7.

AL-QASSAM BRIGADES: Our fighters were able to snipe an Israeli soldier east of the Jabalia refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip.

ISRAELI MEDIA: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opened a meeting of the Likud Party by collecting the signatures of party members on a petition against the decision of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court.

HAMAS: Arrest and arrest warrants against Netanyahu and Gallant are 7 months late. We call on the Public Prosecutor to issue arrest and detention orders against all war criminals, including occupation leaders, officers and soldiers.

AL-QASSAM BRIGADES: We bombed the Israeli occupation forces inside the Rafah land crossing in the southern Gaza Strip with mortar shells.

Monday, Day 20, 3:30  pm (GMT +2)

HAMAS TOP OFFICIAL: Request to issue an arrest warrant for three of the movement’s leaders, “equating the victim and the executioner”

GANTZ: “Drawing parallels between the leaders of a democratic country determined to defend itself from despicable terror to leaders of a blood-thirsty terror organization (Hamas) is a deep distortion of justice and blatant moral bankruptcy.”

CNN: The International Criminal Court seeks to issue arrest warrants for Netanyahu and Sinwar.

Monday, Day 20, 1:45 pm (GMT +2)

AL-MAYADEEN: Jordanian Communist Party: Iran’s position represented by Mr. Raisi and Minister Amir Abdollahian is a key pillar in supporting the Palestinian people and their just cause.

SAUDI PRESS AGENCY: Saudi King and Crown Prince offer condolences to Iran after the death of president and foreign minister.

AL-MAYADEEN: Israeli artillery targets the outskirts of Al-Khiam.

SYRIAN MEDIA: Syria declares three days of mourning following the death of the Iranian president and his companions.

‘Supporter of the Oppressed’ – Palestinian, Arab Resistance Groups React to Raisi’s Tragic Death

Monday, Day 20, 12:00 pm (GMT +2)

PALESTINIAN MEDIA: Occupation vehicles stationed east of Khan Yunis are firing heavily towards citizens’ homes

AL-MAYADEEN: Israeli occupation artillery shells the eastern areas of the Al-Zaytoun neighborhood, southeast of Gaza City.

Monday, Day 20, 11:00 am (GMT +2)

UNRWA: Displacement continues in Gaza, and estimates indicate that more than 810,000 people have been displaced from Rafah during the past two weeks.

PALESTINIAN MEDIA: Two women from the Dahdouh family were killed in an Israeli bombing that targeted them in the Al-Zaytoun neighborhood, southeast of Gaza City.

AL-QUDS BRIGADES: We clashed with an infantry force accompanied by a troop carrier near the Martyr Imad Aql Mosque in the Jabalia camp, and we killed and wounded its members.

AL-MAYADEEN: An incursion by Israeli forces east of the towns of Al-Qarara and Salqa, south of the Gaza Strip, amid Israeli gunfire and artillery shelling.

Monday, Day 20, 09:00 am (GMT +2)

AL-AQSA SATELLITE TV: Israeli occupation aircraft and artillery are violently and continuously bombing various areas of the Jabaliya refugee camp, north of the Gaza Strip.

ISRAELI MEDIA: Sirens in Sderot on the Gaza Strip, after a new missile salvo was launched from the Gaza Strip.

PALESTINIAN MEDIA: Fierce clashes broke out between the Palestinian resistance and the Israeli occupation forces, coinciding with artillery shelling in the city of Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip.

Monday, Day 20, 08:00 am (GMT +2)

WHITE HOUSE: Jack Sullivan, National Security Advisor to US President Joe Biden, once again called on the Israeli government to link its military operation in the Gaza Strip to a political strategy.

TASNIM NEWS AGENCY:  Iranian Tasnim News agency confirmed the death of President Ebrahim Raisi in a helicopter crash on Sunday.

Monday, Day 20, 05:00 am (GMT +2)

ISLAMIC RESISTANCE IN IRAQ: We attacked, with drones, a vital target in occupied Eilat (Umm al-Rashrash).

Monday, Day 20, 03:00 am (GMT +2)

AL-JAZEERA: An Israeli air strike targeted the vicinity of Sheikh Zakariya Mosque in the Al-Daraj neighborhood, east of Gaza City, leaving martyrs and wounded.

Monday, Day 20, 01:00 am (GMT +2)

US ARMY: The Ansarallah launched a ballistic missile over the Gulf of Aden.

PALESTINIAN MEDIA: An Israeli bombing targeted a residential apartment in the Tal al-Sultan neighborhood, west of Rafah, leaving three martyrs, in addition to a number of injured.

AL-JAZEERA: Several people were killed and others were injured in the bombing of a house for the Al-Arouqi family in the Abu Iskandar area in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood, north of Gaza City.

DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS: Al Awda Hospital, which is surrounded by tanks in the northern Gaza Strip, has run out of drinking water.

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