Independence is Power: Support the Palestine Chronicle ONLY If You Think We Are Making a Real Difference

A recent photo by Palestine Chronicle correspondent in the Gaza Strip, Mahmoud Ajjour. (Photo: The Palestine Chronicle)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

If you think that the Palestine Chronicle is doing a good job as a fully independent Palestinian media organization, please urgently consider making a donation, large or small, to help us carry on with the work that we, and many others, consider important, if not vital.

For our second main fundraiser for this year, we want to challenge ourselves first, then our readers. 

You are under no obligation to support us, and to keep our news, trilingual network alive. All we are asking you is to visit our websites – English, Italian and French – and judge for yourself. 

If our nonstop daily coverage of Palestine doesn’t meet the following criteria, then, simply let us know how we can improve. 

If it does, then, please consider making a donation so that we may carry on with our work uninterrupted for another six months. 

The Palestine Chronicle work is guided by the following priorities: 

  • Liberating the Palestinian narrative from the agenda of big media corporations, regional politics and self-serving factionalism.
  • Providing daily news, commentary, analyses, explainers, images, videos and other items that convey the reality in Palestine to many audiences around the world with integrity, accuracy and consistency. 
  • Creating spaces for young Palestinian voices from Occupied Palestine to formulate their own political discourse and to reflect that of their generation, thus serving the role of the new intellectual leaders of Palestine. 
  • Providing training and guidance to young journalists, including opportunities to work and get published. 
  • Reaching out to audiences who speak other languages than English, including French, Italian, and hopefully other languages in the future. 
  • Serving as a platform of empowerment, emphasizing human development in all fields of life, including education, sports, charity and others. 
  • Diversifying content as a way to reach all demographics, but also to escape the censorship imposed on the Palestine Chronicle, mainly by Facebook, but also other social media platforms. 

If you feel that we have done a good job, please make a donation, large or small, to help us carry on with the work that we, and many others, consider important, if not vital. 

If not, please send us an email with your feedback on how to improve. 

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If you prefer to make a donation by check or money order, you can reach us at our Post Office Box address, below:

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The Palestine Chronicle Team

(The Palestine Chronicle is a registered 501(c)3 organization, thus, all donations are tax deductible.)
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  1. Please consider allowing people to make a donation by direct payment from a bank account to your bank account. This is very often easier.

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