‘You Will Leave Gaza in Disgrace’ – Abu Hamza Issues New Video Statement

The military spokesperson of Al-Quds Brigades, Abu Hamza. (Photo: video grab(

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Below are excerpts from Abu Hamza’s statements, as conveyed via the group’s Telegram channel.

Abu Hamza is the spokesman of Al-Quds Brigades, the military arm of the Palestinian Resistance group the Islamic Jihad. 

In a video statement issued by Abu Hamza on Saturday, the masked Palestinian fighter articulated his group’s latest achievements on the battlefield in Gaza while expressing gratitude to everyone outside Palestine who has supported the Palestinian people against the Israeli genocide.

Below are excerpts from Abu Hamza’s statements, as conveyed via the group’s Telegram channel.

The translation is published here in its original form. 

“The criminal zionist entity is conducting a total genocide against an unarmed people.

“We tell the Israelis: do not listen to your leadership; your return to the settlements will only be possible by stopping the war on Gaza.

“Saraya Al-Quds, alongside the resistance factions, is waging an existential war in the West Bank and Gaza.

“In the past weeks, we have carried out many sniper operations targeting the heads of enemy soldiers and snipers in all areas of incursion. 

“We announce the disabling and destruction of dozens of vehicles in Rafah, Jabalia, Al-Zaytoun, and on the outskirts of the central governorate with tandem shells, high-explosive barrel bombs, and Ababil.

“We downed 11 Israeli aircraft, including “SkyLark,” “Quadcopter,” and other intelligence and reconnaissance aircraft across the confrontation zone in the fighting Gaza Strip.

“We continue to offer martyrs in Lebanon, Syria, and the West Bank.

“We announce our almost daily targeting of enemy forces and their gatherings in Rafah, Jabalia, and “Netzarim” with dozens of mortar shells and 107mm rockets. 

“In the past few days, we have bombed the Gaza envelope, Bir Sabi’, “Sderot,” and occupied Asqalan while simultaneously confronting the desperate enemy forces in Rafah. 

“We are engaged in a complex security battle to preserve the enemy captives. 

“The only way to retrieve your captives is to withdraw from Gaza, conduct an exchange deal, and end the aggression.

“We reassure the enemy that we are still in excellent condition.

“The forthcoming terror of attrition will force the enemy to leave Gaza in disgrace.

“The results of willpower and immense sacrifices in the Battle of Al-Aqsa Flood are gradually becoming evident through the global rallying around the Palestinian cause.

“We extend our greetings and thanks to the support fronts in Yemen, Iraq, and Lebanon amid their noticeable, continuous, and painful escalation against enemy forces.”

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  1. The zionists have shown their utter hatred not only to the Palestinians but to everyone in the whole world who speak TRUTH and condemn their barbarism that is so clear in real time around the world. George Bernard Shaw said in the 1930s that they should start becoming HUMAN BEINGS and stop being Jews.

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