Palestinian Girl Shot Dead after Alleged Attack near Jerusalem Market (VIDEO)

A photo published on Israeli media sites.

Israeli forces shot two Palestinian teenage girls, killing one and wounding the other, after they were allegedly involved in a stabbing attack near a central Jerusalem market on Monday morning, Israeli police said. Israeli media initially reported that two Israelis were wounded in the alleged attack, although a spokesperson for Hadassah hospital later confirmed that […]

Prominent New York-linked Artists Endorse Cultural Boycott of Israel (VIDEO)


Leading artists with ties to New York have expressed their support for the cultural boycott of Israel in a new video from campaign group Adalah-NY: The New York Campaign for the Boycott of Israel. The video features actor Kathleen Chalfant; musician Roger Waters, a founding member of Pink Floyd; musicians Kyp Malone and Tunde Adebimpe […]

Over 41 Killed, 181 Injured in Twin Beirut Suicide Bombs (VIDEO)

At least 41 people were killed and nearly 200 injured in two suicide bombs targeting a neighborhood in the south of the Lebanese capital Beirut, according to local news reports. The Lebanese Interior Minister Nouhad Machnouk said initial reports indicate that two suicide bombers blew themselves up seven minutes apart. the Islamic State has claimed […]

Saddam Was ‘Neighborhood Bully,’ Netanyahu Says– 13 years After Saying Saddam Threatened ‘Security of Our Entire World’ (VIDEO)


There was a standing ovation for Benjamin Netanyahu at the American Enterprise Institute last night! Then he had a dialogue with Danielle Pletka in which he completely contradicted his testimony to the US Congress in 2002 on Saddam Hussein’s threat to the world. A leader has to “make deals with secular dictatorships,” Netanyahu told Pletka. […]

Israeli Police Interrogate 13-year-old Accused of Stabbing (VIDEO)

Ahmad Manasra,13.

In a video obtained by Ma’an, Israeli officials were captured on film during an interrogation of a 13-year-old Palestinian child accused of stabbing two Israelis near the illegal Pisgat Zeev settlement in East Jerusalem. The video shows clips of the interrogation of Ahmad Manasra,13, as Israeli detectives yell curses and verbally abuse Manasra, as they […]

Palestine: 800 Children Detained during the Past Month

Israeli army arresting a 7-year-old Palestinian child. (ISM, file)

The Prisoners’ Affairs Authority affiliated to the Palestinian Authority (PA) has stated that it documented 800 cases in which Palestinian minors were arrested during the past month, mostly in Jerusalem. The authority asserted on Tuesday that this extraordinary number of arrests has not been seen in many years, as the average number of child arrest […]

Israeli Soldiers Tell Palestinians: ‘We Will Gas You Until You Die’ (VIDEO)


Israeli military forces issued a disturbing message to residents of Aida refugee camp in Bethlehem on Thursday of last week, telling them that unless they stopped throwing stones “we will gas you until you die.” Israeli military forces raided the camp and fired tear gas and flash grenades indiscriminately at people’s windows, balconies, and down […]

Palestinian Killed after Alleged Attack Attempt North of Jenin (VIDEO)

Mahmoud Talal Mahmoud Nazzal (Social media)

A Palestinian was shot dead Saturday after an alleged attack attempt on an Israeli security guard at the al-Jalama military checkpoint north of Jenin in the occupied West Bank, the Israeli army and media said. An Israeli army spokesperson told Ma’an that “the Palestinian attempted to stab security personnel at the crossing” when “forces responded […]

54-year-old Palestinian Dies from Tear Gas Inhalation in Hebron (VIDEO)

Hashem al-Azzeh.

A 54-year-old Palestinian died on Wednesday from excessive tear gas inhalation during clashes between Palestinian youths and Israeli forces in Hebron, medical sources said. A doctor in Hebron’s government hospital told Ma’an that the Palestinian, identified as Hashem al-Azzeh, had a previous history of cardiac disease. Locals told Ma’an that he was a resident of […]

Netanyahu Slammed for Blaming Holocaust on Palestinians (VIDEO)

During World War 2, thousands of Palestinians fought alongside the Allied Troops against the Nazi empire. (File)

Palestinians – along with Israeli opposition figures – have reacted angrily to recent statements by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in which he appeared to blame Palestinians for the Holocaust. Israeli opposition leader Isaac Herzog said Netanyahu was “trivialising the Holocaust” by claiming that Nazi leader Adolf Hitler did not intend to exterminate the Jews […]

Israeli Security Identify Beersheba Attack Suspect, Detain Relative (VIDEO)

Israeli security forces have identified a Palestinian suspect who opened fire at a Beersheba bus station on Sunday killing an Israeli soldier and injuring nine other people, detaining one of the man’s relatives in relation to the incident. The suspect was identified as Muhannad al-Aqabi, 21, a Bedouin citizen of Israel from the Negev town […]

Caught on Camera: Israel’s Extrajudicial Killings (VIDEO)


Israeli forces have used excessive force and committed arbitrary killings in the Palestinian territories for years. That trend escalated during the past few weeks, as Israeli soldiers deployed to the West Bank and Jerusalem used firearms against Palestinians suspected of involvement in attacks, as well as those already detained. – Euro-Med Monitor  

Footage Raises Questions over Hebron ‘Attack’ (VIDEO)

Video captured by Youth Against Settlements in Hebron on Oct. 17, 2015.

A Palestinian activist group on Saturday released video footage it said may show Israeli soldiers planting a knife next to the body of an 18-year-old Palestinian shot dead by a settler in Hebron earlier in the day. However, the footage — released by Youth Against Settlements — is not conclusive, and only appears to show […]

Lauryn Hill, Danny Glover Feature in Video by Black and Palestinian Artists, Activists


Lauryn Hill, Danny Glover, Cornel West, Angela Davis, and Alice Walker, are among more than 60 leading Black and Palestinian artists and activists to feature in a new video. The video, which also includes contributions by Palestinian hip-hop group DAM and Boycott National Committee (BNC) member Omar Barghouti, is intended to highlight “challenges that both […]

5 Palestinians Killed by Israeli Forces amid Concerns of Escalating Standoff (VIDEOS)


Five Palestinians died on Saturday, shot by Israeli security forces at two separate scenes – one in Jerusalem and another along border fence with Israel. Meanwhile, four Israelis were injured in alleged stabbing attacks. Two Palestinians, aged 12 and 15, were shot dead by Israeli security forces along the Gaza border fence while taking part […]

Videos Emerge Showing Israeli Police Shooting Palestinian Woman ‘Execution-Style’ (VIDEOS)

Isra' Abed, 28, was ‘executed’ by Israeli soldiers. (Facebook)

A number of videos emerged online on Friday, showing Israeli police shooting a Palestinian woman, Isra’ Abed, 28, at a bus station in Afula in the north of Israel. In one video shot through what looks like a glass window of a truck or a bus, a woman in white clothes with a black bag […]

Video Roundup: Israeli Army Shoots, Incites Violence and Mistreats Palestinians in West Bank


Video footage emerging from the Israeli-occupied West Bank today showed Israeli soldiers, some disguised as Palestinians, attacking, shooting protestors, and abusing detained youth. While the Israeli army is yet to comment on the footage, the practice is reportedly becoming more widespread throughout the occupied territories, which is experiencing an escalation of Palestinian protests against the […]

Israeli Mob Rejoices as Palestinian Teen Executed (VIDEO)

Fadi Samir Alloun. (Facebook)

Amid increasing violence in occupied Jerusalem and the rest of the West Bank, Israeli forces executed a Palestinian youth in cold blood early on Sunday morning.  Israeli authorities claimed that 19-year-old Fadi Samir Alloun was killed while attempting to carry out a stabbing attack. But videos posted online show that the youth was executed in […]

Netanyahu’s 44 Seconds of Silence at UN Are Being Widely Mocked: ‘Pathetic’, ‘Creepy’ (VIDEO)


Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s signature moment at the United Nations today was his 44 seconds of silence to indicate the world’s silence in the face of alleged Iranian threats to Israel. Here’s video of it, posted by the Prime Minister himself on Facebook: The silence is already being heralded by the cable stations as vintage […]

‘Day of Hope': Abbas Calls for Full UN Membership as Palestine Flag Flies at HQ for 1st Time (VIDEO)

Mahmoud Abbas watches as the Palestinian flag is raised for the first time at UN Headquarters in New York. (UN)

The flag of Palestine has been raised at the UN headquarters, joining those of member states and marking a “proud day” for all Palestinian people, according to President Mahmoud Abbas, who addressed the General Assembly with a request for a full membership The Palestinian flag was raised at the United Nations headquarters in New York […]

Israel Accuses Arab-Israeli Woman of Affiliation to Daesh

Israeli activists have published a video on the Internet showing a Palestinian woman from Israel encircled by Israeli police inside an Israeli court chanting “Daesh is continuous and expanding” Arabi21 reported on Sunday. Israeli media reported that the 44-year-old Iman Kingo appeared in Haifa Central Court after planning to join Daesh. Kingo, a mother of […]

Israel Approves Use of Police Sniper Fire against Palestinian Rock-throwers


Israel has approved the use of a low-powered Ruger sniper rifle by police against “certain” rock-throwers in Jerusalem, local press report. Previously use of the weapon to curb violence in the West Bank was limited to the IDF. As protests against Israel’s dominance over the al-Aqsa Mosque site in the Old City of Jerusalem intensify, […]

Ramzy Baroud on RT’s CrossTalk – Refugee Crisis


The law of unintended consequences: Europe has finally started to address a humanitarian crisis partially of its own making: the growing wave of refugees from the war-torn Middle East. As EU members grapple with binding quotas and the cost of refugee resettlement, is anyone in Brussels – or NATO, for that matter – considering ending […]

Young Palestinian Girl Biting Israeli Soldier Trying to Detain Boy during West Bank Protests – Video and Photo


Photos have emerged that appear to show several Palestinian women and children fighting to stop an Israeli soldier from detaining a young boy. The boy, whose arm is in a sling, is seen being pinned to the ground beneath an Israeli Defence Force (IDF) soldier’s legs while two Palestinian women and children try to rescue […]

Film: Gaza Fire


More than a year since Israel’s devastating war in Gaza, whole communities remain affected. The conflict left more than 2,000 Palestinians and 71 Israelis dead, while Israel’s aerial bombardment of Gaza left 18,000 homes destroyed. The Palestinian enclave’s fire service was on the front line – desperately trying to save people caught in the fighting. […]

Israeli Lobby Has Destroyed Political Careers for Criticism of Israel – Video

Author Max Blumenthal has been critical of the Israeli government’s military and political suppression of Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip, and his new book takes a look at the deadly siege in 2014 that left hundreds of Palestinians dead. Producer Priya Reddy spoke with the author recently and gives this report on his views […]

Finkelstein on Amnesty’s Report on Gaza’s Offensive 2014 – Video

Prof. Norman G. Finkelstein.

Interview with Prof. Norman G. Finkelstein on Amnesty’s Report on Gaza’s Offensive 2014

Labor Leadership Candidate Jeremy Corbyn on Gaza


Labor Leadership Candidate Jeremy Corbyn, MP addresses the crowd outside the Israeli Embassy after tens of thousands of protesters marched from Downing St. (July 19, 2014) Jeremy Corbyn on Hamas, the Middle East and the Super-rich (July 13, 2015)

Video: Former Israeli Army Chief of Staff Benny Gantz within Hamas Fighters’ Sights One Year Ago


Hamas’ fighting wing, Izz al-Din al-Qassam brigades released a video showing former Israeli army Chief of Staff Benny Gantz within its fighters’ sights one year ago. He was touring the Gaza border area during the Israeli war on Gaza last summer which killed over 2,200 Palestinians, mostly civilians. The clip is taken from a longer […]

CrossTalk: ISIS and Obama’s Failure


The Islamic State continues to thrive and establish itself as a power base in the Middle East. Though it must be pointed out that its strength today is only the result of the west’s habit of playing with jihadi groups who later turn on their masters. Is this intentional chaos or policy recklessness? CrossTalking with […]

The Free Zone | Blog

  • November 26, 2015

    Knesset Bill to Jail Minors on Terror Charges Passes 1st Vote

    The Israeli parliament on Wednesday approved a bill that would allow Palestinian minors under 14 who are facing terrorism charges to be sentenced to time in prison, a Knesset press release said. - The bill was approved in a preliminary vote with 64 in favor of the bill and 22 against. - If the bill becomes law, children under 14 would reportedly be placed in a children's home until they turn 14, after which the child... More →
  • November 26, 2015

    Israel Meets with Google and YouTube to Discuss Censoring Palestinian Videos

    Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely has met with representatives of YouTube and Google to discuss ways to cooperate in what she calls the fight against “inciting violence and terrorism”. - Israel’s Maariv newspaper reported yesterday that Hotovely agreed to work with Google and YouTube in order to establish a joint working mechanism to monitor and prevent the publication of “inflammatory... More →
  • November 24, 2015

    Kerry Supports Israeli 'Self-defense' against 'Senseless Terrorism'

    US Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday expressed support for Israel's right to "defend" itself from "terrorism" and "senseless violence," in comments that will be viewed as deeply disappointing by Palestinians. - Speaking before a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem, Kerry said: "It is very clear to us that the terrorism, these acts of terrorism which have been taking place, deserve... More →
  • November 24, 2015

    Palestinian Shot, Injured after Alleged Car Attack Injures 4 Israelis

    A Palestinian man was shot and wounded after he allegedly rammed his car into a group of Israeli security personnel, injuring four, at Tappuah junction in the northern West Bank district of Nablus on Tuesday morning, Israeli police said. - Israeli police spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld said that Israeli police shot and wounded the Palestinian following what he described as a "terrorist attack." He said that the area had... More →
  • November 23, 2015

    Palestinian, 16, Shot Dead after Killing Israeli Near Ramallah

    A Palestinian man was shot dead after stabbing and killing an Israeli soldier on Route 443 west of Ramallah on Monday, Israel's army said. - An Israeli army spokesperson told Ma'an that a "Palestinian murdered an Israeli and wounded another in a stabbing attack" with the injured victim evacuated for treatment. - Israeli forces responded on site to the incident and shot dead the Palestinian attacker, the spokesperson... More →
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